Sports BIT: Check Out What Pauly & Teddy Have In Store This Friday

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Friday, May 20, 2016 3:00 PM UTC

Friday, May. 20, 2016 3:00 PM UTC

Teddy and Pauly talk above the first college football season win totals to hit the betting boards, including a ‘Play of the Day’ win total recommendation, and an MLB & NBA Overview.

Sports bettors don’t have many heroes. Old timers remember ‘Jimmy the Greek’; a fixture on the CBS Pregame shows back in the 70’s and 80’s before a racist rant ended his career. No one knows if he was really a successful gambler, but the guy was (and remains) the only sports bettor who has ever fully ‘crossed over’ into the mainstream sports world.

In the modern era, there remains a dearth of well recognized, successful bettors. One name stands out above all the rest – the legendary Billy Walters. Walters was a key member of the infamous ‘Computer Group’ that beat the snot out of the books in the early 80’s and changed the linesmaking process forever by using some of the very first computer algorhythms to make pointspreads. He hasn’t looked back since; amassing a huge fortune with legitimate businesses including golf courses and high profile real estate developments.

Perhaps Walters is most famous for beating the Feds three times, getting acquitted from federal charges! The Justice Department has been going after this guy for three decades. For three decades, they’ve been coming up short. But that’s probably about to change.

Yes, the Weekend Preview edition of SportsBIT (link) is loaded with strong betting information. Teddy and Pauly talk above the very first college football season win totals to hit the betting boards, including a ‘Play of the Day’ win total recommendation. They break down the upcoming Game 3 showdowns in the Cavs- Raptors and Thunder – Warriors series, as well as Friday Night’s Cubs – Giants game's NBA odds

But the Billy Walters story merits a substantial discussion. Teddy and Pauly dive right into it in their trademark style – not pulling any punches, dealing with the facts, not the rumors. Of course, they joke about how Walters probably sent a runner with a paper bag filled with $100,000 cash to pay his bond. But most of the discussion is dead serious. How did the most successful and famous sportsbettor of the modern era get involved with Phil Mickelson in an insider trading scheme? What are his chances to successfully defend the charges? Check out today’s SportsBIT and find out get your MLB pick.

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