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Wednesday, June 22, 2016 4:07 PM UTC

Wednesday, Jun. 22, 2016 4:07 PM UTC

Teddy and Pauly break down the key tidbits from all the betting action the previous day, looking to deliver quality information in a fast paced, entertaining format.

On today’s show, for example, they break down what happened in the USA- Argentina soccer match. They explain how the betting markets were dead wrong on the Rangers – Reds game, but 100% correct on the Pirates – Giants matchup. They explain how Chris Sale opened up as an underdog at Fenway Park and how profitable the Braves current 6-0 run has been for bettors who have been ‘letting it ride’ while supporting them. They talk about the toughest beat of the night – an Angels blown save in Houston, as well as the Twins remarkable 14-1-1 run to the Over in their last 16 ballgames.

And on every SportsBIT show, Teddy and Pauly share their analysis of a handful of key upcoming matchups in their ‘Big Game Breakdown’ segment. Today’s show features two in-depth breakdowns – Dodgers vs. Nationals and Tigers vs. Mariners. Both breakdowns are loaded with the type of hardcore graphs and stats that bettors expect from a mainstream network show, not an internet show!

But the focus today is on the series of NFL Team Previews that Pauly and Teddy have been putting out in recent weeks; one team per day in their ‘Deep Dive’ segment. All the team previews are archived right here at Today’s breakdown? The 2016 Tampa Bay Buccaneers, lined at Over/Under 7 wins for the upcoming campaign.

Every team preview starts the same way – a thorough breakdown of what happened last year, giving bettors a starting point for the discussion. Tampa put up some great stats last year, outgaining opponents by 0.7 yards per SNAP (5th best in the NFL), yet they finished 6-10. That’s at least one reason why head coach Lovie Smith is gone, replaced by his former offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter.

Teddy and Pauly break down Koetter’s resume (he’s the guy who put Boise State on the map in college football nearly two decades ago) and his staff in Tampa. They discuss all the big offseason personnel moves that the Bucs made, most notably three key free agent additions on defense, as well as top draft choice Vernon Hargreaves out of Florida. There are some red flags for the Bucs receiving corps that Teddy and Pauly point out, and from a ‘strength of schedule’ standpoint (something both Teddy and Pauly take VERY seriously) the Bucs face a much tougher slate this year than they did in 2015.

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