Pitchers At High Odds Make Better MLB Pick For AL Cy Young Award

Joe Catalano

Wednesday, July 13, 2016 5:04 PM UTC

Wednesday, Jul. 13, 2016 5:04 PM UTC

Being that the American League is more of a hitter's league, you don't see the competitive level of pitching that you would in the National League. Let's take a look at the Cy Young hopefuls in the AL in which it appears to be a one-man race. Here are your choices and picks.

Pure Domination From Kershaw To Win NL Cy Young Award


Disclaimer: Please monitor the betting odds at an A+ Sportsbook, provided by SBR as there are currently conflicting betting odds where the future betting is concerned. As of now, this what we see. We're getting conflicting odds from different sites, but I'll provide an estimate of what I believe the situation to be.

Chris Sale  -110
Danny Salazar +600
Chris Tillman +1000
Cole Hamels +800
Steven Wright +1200
Aaron Sanchez +2000
Michael Fullmer +3000


Fade The Favorites!!!!
It's quite evident that Chris Sale doesn't deserve to be -110 even though he's a spectacular pitcher and on a great team. For the season, Sale is 14-3 with a 3.38 ERA. He's the type of pitcher to give up a huge inning and be left in the game. This is why his ERA is on the high side. Can he win the award? Certainly, but I'm going to stay away from him because there's no value and the next pitcher is where I received conflicting odds.

Danny Salazar has had an outstanding season. On some sites, you would get no value for him. On other sites, +600 is what I see and he's on the American League Central Division leading Cleveland Indians. Cleveland has been a town of winners and with a 10-3 record and 2.75 ERA, Salazar is in the mix. I would only look at him if there were odds that resembled anything near what's listed in this article despite his outstanding 2016 campaign.


Reputation or Emerging Youth?
I say, plop down a couple of bets as the odds are astronomical. If you're looking for an established veteran, Cole Hamels (9-2, 3.21 ERA) is a possibility because he's on a dominant Rangers team and he's a "big name". If you ask me if Hamels is having a Cy Young season, I would say that he need's to show more in the 2nd half of the season as the Texas Rangers offense has helped him get wins.

At +2000, Aaron Sanchez (9-1,  2.97 ERA) has been sneaky good and although he's listed at 20/1, I would take him for anywhere in double figure odds. He's playing on a disappointing Toronto Blue Jays team that can still tear the cover off the baseball. If Sanchez can put up numbers similar to this in the 2nd half and Toronto comes on strong, you have a gem with this pick.


Michael Fulmer
This is a player on the Detroit Tigers that does get the press as the New York Mets traded him to the Detroit Tigers for Yoenis Cespedes. Both trades have worked out well and Fullmer is a beast! In 13 games pitched this season, Fullmer is 9-2 with a 2.11 ERA on a Tigers team that can make a run in the 2nd half with the superb offense that they possess. If you can grab Fulmer at a 30/1 bet or even 20/1, please do so (small amount of money) as he has possibly more pure talent than anyone in the American League with the exception of Sale.

Chris Tillman (12-2, 3.41 ERA) and Steven Wright (10-5, 2.68 ERA) can also be added to this list. 

The common theme here is the pitchers at high odds have pitched actually better than the betting favorite MLB pick Chris Sale. Oddsmakers love Sale's ability to throw strikeouts and 14 wins in the first half of the season, stick out like a sore thumb. It's a matter of looking for value. Sale might very well win, but what have you really won and you have to sweat it out. Guys like Fulmer and Sanchez have a huge upside and are on 2 of the best offenses in baseball.


Free MLB Picks: 
Aaron Sanchez +2000. If the odds are fairly accurate, this is a good risk. He's been coming on really strong in his last 6 outings and I think Toronto keeps providing runs support even though he doesn't need it.
Michael Fulmer- +3000. He has a Detroit offense that wlll always provide run support and when it comes to pure nasty stuff, he's right up there with Chris Sale. Although Sale and his bloated ERA have a better chance of winning, Fulmer represents the unknown and has a ton of talent along wth price.

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