Opening 2016 World Series Odds Part 2: The Pretenders

Mark Lathrop

Wednesday, December 9, 2015 2:40 PM UTC

Wednesday, Dec. 9, 2015 2:40 PM UTC

The MLB Winter Meetings are upon us, and so are opening 2016 World Series Odds at Bovada. This time we look at teams with odds at 25 to 1 or higher to see if there are any dark horses worth your time!

Opening World Series Odds have been published at Bovada, and our MLB Handicapper runs down the list to identify the Contenders and Pretenders worth your pick.


Cleveland Indians +2500: Things have been pretty quiet this offseason in Cleveland, as they have stayed pat going into the Winter Meetings. They’ve got to do something to even be competitive in the AL Central, let alone the World Series. A wager on them in their current state is a fool’s errand.


Los Angeles Angels +2500: Justin Upton, Yoenis Cespedes, or Jason Heyward will be an Angel in the outfield this year. Good for them, but they will need to improve on their 19th ranked pitching staff in WAR to take a step forward. They’ll keep running Jered Weaver out every fifth day though, since they are paying him ungodly amounts of money.


New York Yankees +2500: I’d expect these odds to drop with the recent addition of Starlin Castro, the final heir apparent to the loss of Robinson Cano at 2B. The Yankees lineup is pretty slick right now, and with some young stud pitchers hitting their prime, this is a wager worth taking a shot at.


Seattle Mariners +2500: I’d write a serious suggestion here if the Mariners roster didn’t change every five minutes. Seriously, Jerry DiPoto has made 14 trades or signings since being hired as the GM, to date. Half the roster has turned over, so who knows what the M’s will be like next year.


Detroit Tigers +2500: With the exception of J.D. Martinez, the Tigers need some serious bats in the outfield. With Justin Verlander hitting a cliff and no replacement ace in sight, they’ll need the offense to sniff the playoffs in the competitive AL Central. I’d take the 25-1 Yankees over these Tigers.


Baltimore Orioles +4000: The Orioles are trying to keep Chris Davis, sign Pedro Alvarez or Adam Lind, anything to shore up their shallow lineup. While Manny Machado is likely to put up an All-Star season, it won’t be enough to get the Orioles out of the cellar in the AL East, let alone a World Series title.


Minnesota Twins +4000: Joe Mauer is projected to be the Twins fifth best hitter next year, by WAR. There are also only three starting pitchers on the current roster projected to pitch over 150 innings. This team has more holes than that guys police cruiser in Die Hard.


Chicago White Sox +4000: One of my best wagers last year was wagering that the White Sox would lose more than 81 games. I don’t like my chances of getting a wager like that again this year. Other than every fifth day when Chris Sale pitches, the White Sox will have to expect multiple breakout performances just to make the wild card, let alone the World Series.


Tampa Bay Rays +5000: The Rays have had some interesting additions this offseason and may pick up an interesting piece in Tyler Flowers, who could platoon with recent Astro, Hank Conger. The pitching is there for this team, and other than playing in the competitive AL East, the Rays would be a dangerous team in the playoffs should they make the Wild Card. Don’t be surprised if the Rays finish over .500, making 50 to 1 almost a palatable wager.


Miami Marlins +6600: The Marlins do not have any pitching depth, and if they trade Marcell Ozuna they won’t have any hitting depth either. It’s too bad that Giancarlo Stanton will wither away his prime playing in those awful uniforms.


Milwaukee Brewers +6600: The Brewers are in full rebuilding mode and are looking to trade away two of their top four batters at the Winter Meetings. That should put you in full ‘don’t bet on the Brewers mode’.


Oakland Athletics +6600: The A’s look bad on paper, which means they are probably good. Their bullpen will have to step up over last year though, so look for Billy Beane to make a bunch of weird moves that nobody understands. Probably worth the 66 to 1 in the volatile AL West.


Cincinnati Reds +7500: The Reds have done a smart thing and gotten top value for their closer, although apparently that deal is hung up a bit. They’ve done a dumb thing and traded away their only dominant reliever though, and no amount of hitting will help them in the band box that they play in. The Reds won’t pass the Cards, Cubs, or Pirates in the NL Central, so 75 to 1 doesn’t much matter now does it?


San Diego Padres +7500: Projected to win 84 games last year, the Padres hype train derailed before it even started. It’s too bad that their starting pitching is so good, because they will lose a lot of 2-0 games. Unless something drastically changes with the Padres’ lineup, they are not going anywhere.


Atlanta Braves +10000: Just a minute while I go try out for the Braves’ pitching staff.


Colorado Rockies +10000: The Rockies will win your futures wager this year by winning more that 68 games, but not the World Series. Did you know there are 30 breweries within 5 miles of that stadium in Denver?


Philadelphia Phillies+10000: This offseason, the Phillies have decided to change their outfield playing surface from Bermuda grass to Bluegrass to make it slower. Maybe it is an analogy for how long their rebuild is going to take. The Phillies will eventually be the 2015 Houston Astros, just not yet.

And there you have it. I’m liking the value in the Yankees, Rays, and A’s where they sit right now in World Series odds. And if not that, they will be on my short list for this year’s futures markets for MLB picks. Keep an eye on the MLB odds so that you don't miss a wager with your sportsbook of choice.

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