NL Season Win Totals: MLB Picks for Marlins, Nationals, Brewers, & Padres

Ross Benjamin

Tuesday, February 24, 2015 6:28 PM UTC

Tuesday, Feb. 24, 2015 6:28 PM UTC

We’ll be disclosing our top MLB picks pertaining to National League win totals. Take the time to read our insightful analysis regarding on Miami, Washington, Milwaukee, and San Diego.

Bet the Ranch: Miami Marlins (Over 81.5)
If you read my article on the National League futures odds, then you know I love the Marlins as a sleeper selection in 2015. It then becomes quite obvious, wagering on them to win 82-games or more is a no brainer. Although the Marlins aren’t my top choice to win the National League pennant, betting on Miami to have a winning season in 2015 is an absolute steal in my eyes, especially if their former ace Jose Fernandez is fully recovered from Tommy John surgery upon his expected return in June or July. Giancarlo Stanton has MVP type potential for the upcoming season. The additions of Dee Gordon and Michael Morse during the offseason will certainly make this one of the most underrated batting orders in the National League.


Moderate to Conservative Wagers: Washington Nationals (Over 94.5)
I ordinarily wouldn’t advise to wager on going over a win total this high. However, there’s an exception to every rule. The Nationals have few if any flaws, and I’d be shocked to not see them surpass or teeter around the 100-win plateau in 2015. They unequivocally possess the best starting rotation in all of baseball with the likes of Stephen Strasburg, Max Scherzer, Jordan Zimmerman, Gio Gonzalez, and Doug Fister. Their bullpen is top notch and has plenty of experience at this juncture. The batting order has the potential to be lethal, and they may have the best quality players on the bench in both leagues.

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Milwaukee Brewers (Over 78.5)
Not only do I love the Brewers to surpass this win total, it wouldn’t shock me in the least if they won the 2015 NL Central Division title. The starting pitching rotation is underrated and the potential of being a dynamic offensive team is a very realistic possibility. The only concern for me is their bullpen, but then again we’re talking about winning just 79-games to cash this MLB picks wagering ticket.


San Diego Padres (Under 84.5)
Just because you’ve spent a boat load of money during the offseason, doesn’t necessarily guarantee you of a successful year. Such is the case in San Diego. I especially am not impressed with their bullpen which is always a key component when wagering on the National League, and considering the absence of a designated hitter in the batting order. I also question what kind of chemistry the clubhouse will have with a lightning rod such as Matt Kemp now present. Kemp came over in an offseason trade with the Dodgers, and his baggage is extremely heavy.

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