MLB Picks & Odds Update: NL East Offers Little Offense or Fielding

Doug Upstone

Wednesday, May 27, 2015 10:54 PM UTC

Wednesday, May. 27, 2015 10:54 PM UTC

With the second month of the regular season closing this weekend, the National League East is shaping up like most MLB baseball handicappers and sportsbooks expected with one exception.

Washington, after a sleepy start is in first place and New York is hanging around because of their home record. Atlanta is trying to hold on to .500 and Philadelphia is sinking they are wearing cement shoes in a lake. The only earth-shaking news against the betting odds for MLB picks is how truly dreadful Miami is playing, which might be the baseball gods getting even with owner Jeffrey Loria for much of underhanded ways of the past.

If you subtract the Nationals, runs do not come easy to the rest of this division, but Nats and Phillies can make eight-year olds look good in the field the way they will too often boot the ball or throw it astray. Here is review of each teams hitting and what it has meant versus the MLB odds.


Nationals – Washington Ring Runs and Errors
Only in the last week have the Washington Nationals been able to overcome their brutal start to the season and is now a modestly profitable team for the season. With this surge led by Bryce Harper, Washington is the top scoring team in the NL. The meteoric rise in offense from under four runs a game to 4.7 beginning April 28th has the Nats up +12.7 units in that term.

They have begun to cool, but with their starting pitching and bullpen, Washington has managed to win tight games with a 10-5 record in one run outcomes. Skipper Matt Williams club could further enhance their position by being more fundamentally sound when playing defense and not being the second-worst fielding team in the league. Washington probably cannot keep up recent pace but are a team to watch for sports picks.


Mets – Waddling Along with Mediocre Offense
The New York Mets are holding up as play on material because of very good starting pitching and much better than anticipated relief pitching. Where would the Mets be with an offense doing better than 3.7 runs per game?

We have a partial answer to that question because at Citi Field New York tallies 4.2 RPG which is why they are 20-6 and up +13.8 units at home to go along with those run stoppers. Unfortunately this has not come close to adequately transferring on the road where they are last in the majors in scoring runs at 3.0, leaving them 7-15, -7.4 units. Even if the Metropolitans could reach their current team scoring average, they would be a great threat to Washington and for sports bettors.


Braves – Cycle Up and Cycle Down Leaves Atlanta Treading Water
With Freddie Freeman, Nick Markakis and amazingly A.J. Pierzynski, the Atlanta offense can get hot, but the facts indicate it is not structurally sound to do the job week in week in. To gain the trust of those placing picks at sportsbooks like GTBets you have to either be consistently good or consistently bad to establish a pattern of behavior.

The Braves have not won or lost more than three in row since April 25th making it challenging to anticipate how they will play and at least offensively how the three aforementioned players perform tells the story of how Atlanta will play and them just another team trying to hang around .500 with holes in the batting order.


Phillies – As Punch-less as They Come
Philadelphia in the middle of May went on a six-game winning streak but anyone not drinking the Philadelphia Phillies Kool-Aid understood this was a mirage and this team of well past their prime or below average players would return to normal soon enough. The Phils have and their extremely limited offense makes them noncompetitive in certain games when the pitching for either team is not that stellar, leaving them 4-13 in contests determined by four or more runs.

With GM Ruben Amaro blaming the fans for not being as smart as he and the organization are in signing players to long term deal as they were in their 30’s, the state of the Phillies was totally predictable and Amaro’s “plan” should have started two years ago, not 2015. Nonetheless, this is Amaro’s team and they almost no offense which will translate into more losing. Also forgot to mention Phillies aging lineup has little range in the field and is almost as bad as Washington when it comes fielding.


Marlins – Bad Right From the Get-Go
With high expectations, a larger payroll and ample young talent, Miami was thought to be no worse than a wild card contender. But like a horse breaking badly from the gate, the Marlins 1-6 start was not to be ignored, with the offense totaling 11 runs in those setbacks and the pattern has barely changed.

Miami is averaging 3.7 RPG which sound about right for to a squad that is 12th in OPS and total bases in the senior circuit. If Dee Gordon or Adeiny Hechavarria were to be injured, about the thing aspect remaining is Giancarlo Stanton’s 450-foot homers and a .232 batting average. With what turned out to be an overrated pitching staff, the Marlins are barely treading water.

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