MLB Picks: NL West Has Mostly Been a Scoring Division

Doug Upstone

Saturday, May 9, 2015 10:09 PM UTC

Saturday, May. 9, 2015 10:09 PM UTC

The National League West is notorious for its ballparks. MLB baseball handicappers are well aware of the discrepancies in them and how that can create havoc for when understanding the betting odds.

However, this season, not everything has gone according to form in the NL West, as the Los Angeles Dodgers and San Diego Padres play in two of the worst yards to score in, yet they are in the Top 8 in baseball for runs scored. Colorado plays at Coors Field, where runs are always plentiful, but for some reason the Rockies are a below average scoring team to this juncture of the season.

What gives and what should expect to generate MLB picks, let’s drill down and find out.


Dodgers Powering their Way to Profits
The Los Angeles Dodgers have gotten off to a very strong start in 2015, which was not unexpected. How they accomplishing it is a real shocker to everyone but Adrian Gonzalez. Losing Hanley Ramirez and Matt Kemp, even the Dodgers front office and all key personnel figured they this year’s team would be about pitching and defense. Yet here we are almost 20 percent of the way into the season and Dodger Blue leads the majors in home runs. How could that possibly be?

The day after rattling a ball off the scoreboard in Milwaukee, Gonzalez explained he was not surprised his teammates are launching so many bombs. “If you look at the histories of the guys on this club, we have a collection of players who have regularly hit 15 to 25 home runs; I’m not surprised we are doing this.”

While the first sacker might not, with his nine homers, Gonzalez is on track to hit in the mid-40’s, with his career best at 40 with San Diego in 2009. Plus, how do you explain outfielder Alex Guerrero having six homers in 40 at bats or rookie centerfielder Joc Pederson tied with Gonzalez with nine for the team lead.

With the starting rotation far from set, Don Mattingly and Dodger backers placing sports picks are enjoying the fireworks.


San Diego also has some Sock
I have mentioned many times about all the Padres off-season moves to bolster their offense and it has worked. After scoring a baseball-worst 3.3 runs a game, San Diego is up to 4.8, which is fairly remarkable when you realize they have shutout five times already this year. What they have done right is avoid prolonged slumps and they have busted out after a minor scoring outage.

Though the run production is significantly better, the pitching has not been, which has made the Friars just an ordinary wager versus the MLB odds. If the pitching staff returns to normal results, there appears to be enough offense for San Diego to blossom.


Rockies Offense Not Coming Through
If batting averages told the complete story, Colorado would not be in last place in the division. The Rockies have the best team batting average in the NL, yet they ranked 10th in runs scored. How can that be? If you review OBP, you would find Colorado at only 8th and digging deeper that is a direct reflection of being last in walks in the league. No walks and the inability to bunch hits together, along with the usual awful pitching have made the Rocks the worst wager in the division.


Arizona Scoring and San Francisco is not
The Diamondbacks playing in a hitter’s park where the heat and lack of humidity leads to runs and the Giants call home a yard where the air is thick, the wind seldom blows out and the space between the power alleys is immense.

At this point of the campaign, Arizona has been somewhat better than preseason prognostications because they have scored 4.8 RPG and the pitching has not been terrible. San Francisco has climbed back to .500 by having their usual strong staff collectively and doing what they do best, winning close games which is why they are 8-3 in one run outcomes.

The Giants will eventually start scoring more than 3.3 RPG, which would make them more attractive against the sportsbooks. But places like WagerWeb will keep a close eye on the D-Backs because chances are the offense will eventually falter and a few of the starting pitchers are overachieving and might falter once the innings pile up.

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