MLB Picks: National League Wild Card Race Predictions

Doug Upstone

Wednesday, September 10, 2014 8:04 PM UTC

Wednesday, Sep. 10, 2014 8:04 PM UTC

While the American League has a plethora of quality teams, the National League has four and batch of clubs around .500 still in playoff contention. Using these teams for sports picks is treacherous. 

Nevertheless, this is the landscape of National League with realistically five teams still in contention for the two Wild Card positions. In this article, we will present the chances of making the postseason for each squad, check in on what sportsbooks think of teams chances (if any) of making the World Series and their current state of affairs.


San Francisco Giants – 98.1% Chance To Make Playoffs
At this point, MLB baseball handicappers and the Giants players themselves have to like their chances of playing in the postseason. San Francisco has a six-game lead over its closest competitor to fall out of the race with roughly two and half weeks left.

What those working the MLB odds are trying to figure is can San Fran catch the Los Angeles Dodgers in the division, trailing them by two games in the loss column?

In this case the answer is absolutely yes, still playing a home and home series with L.A. and facing just San Diego and Arizona on the remainder of their schedule.

If possible, every team wants to avoid the one-game Wild Card and the best way to do that is to win the division. The Giants, like their position in the standings are fourth at 5Dimes to win the National League.


Pittsburgh Pirates – 62.5% Chance To Make Playoffs
After being in fourth place for most of the first half of the season, the Pirates took full advantage of a soft slate of below average opponents to propel themselves back in the race. Pittsburgh is 13-7-2 in their past 22 series and surpassed both Cincinnati and Milwaukee in the NL Central to grab a two-game lead for the last postseason slot.

The Pirates open a huge nine-game homestand on Friday and have to wipeout crummy opposition like the Cubs and Red Sox and potentially bury Milwaukee once and for all. As of today, Pittsburgh is tied for the second-best home record in the NL at 44-28 (+9.3 units). However, the Bucs are 31-41 on the road (-9.7) and they finish the season on the road at Atlanta, who is chasing them, and at Cincinnati.

If Pittsburgh can put together a 7-2 homestand and split four with the Braves, they should maintain their status.


Atlanta Braves – 19.9% Chance To Make Playoffs
I have been harping all year not to trust the Braves against the betting odds and this has turned out to be sage advice.

Despite being fifth in baseball in fewest runs allowed, Atlanta’s offense has been only a slightly better version of San Diego, ranked 29th in baseball at 3.68 runs a game.

You are just not going to win at this level without any offense, unless your pitching staff is the reincarnation of the 1969 New York Mets (Google to learn more).

Having lost seven of 10, the Braves situation looks bleak for the Wild Card, but they still have one chance. Atlanta goes to Texas this weekend, which is followed by an enormous 10-game homestand, the last four which are against Pittsburgh.

The Braves are two game behind the Pirates, if they can pick up a game or possibly two before that series commences, they would have a shot. But wagering MLB picks between now and then on this club is not recommended.


Milwaukee Brewers – 18.1% Chance To Make Playoffs
For better then four months Milwaukee was in first place in the NL Central. But like an anvil thrown from a 10-story building, the Brewers fall has been precipitous and the damage astonishing.

Since winning five in a row from Aug. 14-19, Milwaukee is an alarming 3-16 (-16.15), having fallen from first place to a couple games out of even making the playoffs.

Every indication is this is a worn out team with zero confidence. They are not scoring runs and have pitchers that cannot get batters out.

They are 1-5 on their current homestand and next Monday open a nine-game road trip to surging St. Louis and face the team they are now chasing in Pittsburgh. Barring unforeseen circumstances, baseball bettors have already been shoveling the dirt on this dead club.


Miami Marlins – 2.5% Chance To Make Playoffs
The Marlins actually have a losing record, but are only three games behind Pittsburgh. While they would seem to have a very remote chance to catch the Pirates and leapfrog two other teams which they will not face the remainder of the year after tomorrow, it is baseball and weird things occur.

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