MLB Picks: McCutchen and Cabrera to take home MVP Awards

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Sunday, October 20, 2013 4:00 AM UTC

Sunday, Oct. 20, 2013 4:00 AM UTC

The World Series begins this week, but those with pending MLB awards futures will also find out soon if their tickets have value. Here are our MVP picks for both leagues.

While most bettors are currently concerned with their MLB picks on the upcoming World Series, which begins with Game 1 on Wednesday, let us not forget about the many investors that are holding MLB Future tickets on the various award winners in each league, as those will be revealed very soon.

We will look take a look at our picks for the MVP in each league in this article, with our selections for Rookie of the Year coming up later in the week. Now, we wish we could tell you we were going out on a limb on the MLB odds with our MVP selections, but truth be told, we are picking the favorites on the latest odds to take home the hardware in each league.

We will present our top two choices in each league, and in each case we agree that a very strong case can be made for the second choice, but not only do we feel that our predicted winners did more to win games for their teams, but both of them contributed to teams that made the playoffs while both runners-up have been watching the post-season on television, which we feel also adds separation between the candidates.

So without further ado, here are our predictions on who will take home the MVP Award in each league as well as our two second choices.

National League
Andrew McCutchen (Pittsburgh Pirates): The Pirates had their first winning record and made their first playoff appearance since 1992, and McCutchen was the catalyst of the team that was probably the nicest story in baseball. While McCutchen may not blow you away in any one statistical category, he is a five-tool player that does everything well and will simply beat you by whatever means necessary. McCutchen had his third consecutive 20-20 season with 21 homers and 27 steals while ranking in the top seven in the National League in batting average, on base percentage, slugging percentage, OPS, runs scored and walks, and that is not to mention providing the Pirates with Golden Glove quality defense in center field! Because McCutchen was so good in everything, he also led the National League in offensive WAR at 8.2.

Paul Goldschmidt (Arizona Diamondbacks): It is easy to forget that before the Los Angeles Dodgers went on their unbelievable surge to win the National League West, it was the Diamondbacks that were in first place for most of the season, and Goldschmidt was carrying the offense during that time. Well, Arizona faded but Goldschmidt did not while putting up the best power numbers in the National League. Goldschmidt led the NL in home runs with 36 and RBI with 125, and he also led in slugging percentage and OPS while ranking third in both runs scored and in walks. For good measure he stole 15 bases when opposing teams were not paying attention. The downside though, other than his team not making the playoffs, was that he was a liability on defense.

American League
Miguel Cabrera (Detroit Tigers): The American League MVP race is déjà vu from last season with the race most likely again coming down to Cabrera and Mike Trout, and we are looking for an identical result to 2012. Yes, Cabrera is still a defensive liability and he is slow of food and thus will not steal bases, but besides Detroit being in the playoffs until a few days ago, Cabrera does so much on offense that it overshadows his weaknesses. Only Chris Davis of the Baltimore Orioles prevented Cabrera from winning his second consecutive Triple Crown after he became the first player since 1967 to win it last season, as he led the American League in batting average for the third straight year at .348 and he ranked second behind Davis with both his 44 homers and 137 RBI. Additionally Cabrera led the AL in slugging percentage and OPS and he ranked second in runs scored and third in walks. And let’s not forget that Trout’s team the Angels was probably the most disappointing in baseball.

Mike Trout (Los Angeles Angels): Yes we agree that Trout is the better all around player than Cabrera because Trout is a five-tool superstar that adds speed and defense to his game while lagging far behind in the Triple Crown offensive categories. Trout was also extremely consistent while batting .323 overall as he hit .322 before the All-Star break and .324 afterwards. Still, the MVP voters gave the nod to Cabrera under basically identical circumstances last year, and we see no reason why things will be any different this season as the fact that Cabrera will rank as one of the greatest hitters ever when he is through also works against Trout, at least for now.

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