MLB Picks & Division Updates: Oddsmakers Primarily Dialed in on NL Central

Wednesday, May 13, 2015 7:28 PM UTC

Wednesday, May. 13, 2015 7:28 PM UTC

Similar to the AL East, sportsbooks listing totals have been mostly accurate on the National League Central to this juncture of the 2015 campaign when breaking down the MLB odds.

<p>Only one team has given them a hint of trouble and that has been Milwaukee. Seeing this is case, for our third stop on the baseball trail looking at totals action in each division, we will let you know the best place thus far to jump on any team for <a href="" target="_blank" title="Free MLB Picks and Predictions">MLB picks</a> when looking at Over or Under the number.</p> <p> </p> <p><strong>Milwaukee Hitters and Bad Pitching Has Brewers Trending Upward</strong><br /> Milwaukee suffered several injuries to their everyday lineup which really limited what they could do offensively and with the pitching staff among the worst in the NL; this led to as 3-9 start in games determined by four or more runs. However, Carlos Gomez and others returned from various ailments and quicker than a shot of brandy being pounded down at a Milwaukee drinking establishment the Brew Crew’s offense has come to life.</p> <p>While the pitching is still deplorable, the recent offensive outburst triggered a 6-1 OVER, taking the Brewers to 18-14 OVER (not pushes counted). Not surprisingly, Milwaukee is 13-8 OVER at the bandbox known as Miller Park and other best time use sports pick on Crew’s totals is at night where they are 13-8.</p> <p style="text-align:center"><i style="text-align:center"><a href="" target="_blank" title="St. Louis Printing Money in NL Central">Looking for More Updates on the NL Central?</a> </i></p> <p><strong>Cubs, Reds and Pirates Bunched Together for Totals</strong><br /> The Chicago Cubs are 15-13 OVER, but the real story for MLB baseball handicappers is in the home and away splits. It has been wet spring in the Midwest and many areas in the East and this time of year in Chicago that usually means winds of Lake Michigan. For those not familiar, when this happens the wind blows in either from left and centerfield or from right and right center, which drops runs scored. This season the Cubs are averaging 3.4 runs per game at home and are 9-5 UNDER. When the rebuilt Cubs hit the bricks their scoring average skyrockets to 5.1 on the road and shocker, they are 10-4 OVER away from the Windy City. Once warmer weather arrives in Chicago the <a href="/betting-odds/mlb-baseball/" target="_blank" title="Live Baseball Odds">MLB odds</a> will adjust at places like <a href=";book=in-article-gtbets" rel="nofollow" target="_blank" title="Act on GTBets">GTBets</a> and the Chicago bullpen will most likely have an impact if the Cubs go Over or Under the number.</p> <p>Cincinnati comes in at 16-14 UNDER and they have two defining trends. The Reds are 14-9 versus right-hand starters and 5-2 OVER if they are from the portside. Though the impact on the surface has been minor, Cincy has the worst bullpen ERA in the NL and at some point that has to catch up to you. Has this taken a few games they were probably Under’s and shoved them to a Push or Over, that would seem to be a fair observation. This should be watched closely concerning the Reds.</p> <p>Pittsburgh is a dead even 14-14 on totals wagering this year. The numbers do however bear out a degree of totals separation. At home, Pittsburgh is 9-5 OVER and the average total score of those contests this season has been 8 RPG. When the Bucs are on the road the hitting slips (3.7 vs. 4.1) and the pitching improves (2.8 vs. 3.9) and a typical score of a Pirates away affair is 6.5 runs, leading to 9-5 UNDER mark. Watch for this as the season unfolds.</p> <p> </p> <p><strong>St. Louis Totals Situation is as Easy to Read as Day and Night</strong><br /> <a href="" target="_blank" title="Pick St. Louis Cardinals Over 88.5: MLB Odds for 2015-16 Season Total Wins">As of today (May 13), the Cardinals are 16-15 UNDER</a>. The team with the best record in baseball is first in fewest runs allowed (3.1) and seventh in the majors in runs scored (4.7). The initial search did not uncover much until we started digging and found the Redbirds are 11-7 OVER after dark and 9-5 UNDER in the light of day. No strong explanation for this other than St. Louis pitching is even better during the day and hitting has been better at night.</p> <p>Otherwise, their pitcher have really bore down in the underdog role which is why they are 6-2 UNDER and Cards have won five of those contests.</p>
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