MLB Handicapping Tips for Making April MLB Picks

Ross Benjamin

Sunday, March 26, 2017 9:58 PM UTC

Sunday, Mar. 26, 2017 9:58 PM UTC

MLB analyst Ross Benjamin discusses some handicapping methods he utilizes in April. Join us in reading this insightful piece that assuredly will help you in making more successful picks during the season’s opening month.

Focusing on Starting Pitchers for MLB Handicapping in April

Most avid MLB bettors would agree that handicapping MLB games in April isn’t the easiest thing to do, and especially so during the first 2 weeks. After all, there aren’t a whole lot of statistics that can be relied upon considering the small sample size. I’m sure some would disagree, but I’m a firm believer that the ability to crunch numbers when handicapping baseball plays a more significant role compared to any other mainstream sport. Through the course of this article, let me share a few pertinent MLB handicapping methods that I’ve found to be successful during the season’s opening month, and has aided me in making more successful MLB picks.


Pitchers Ahead of Hitters to Open Season

If you’ve been an avid baseball fan or even a casual observer, I’m sure you’ve heard analysts say on numerous occasions that pitchers are well ahead of hitters immediately following spring training. There’s a lot of validity in that claim, and statistics will support that to be the case. Although average performance levels in April clearly favors pitchers or hitters, it’s by no means an overwhelming advantage, but there’s still enough of a disparity to account for.

You’ll find as the season progresses, and the weather becomes warmer in the Northeast and Midwestern states, there’s very little if any credible evidence to back either pitchers or hitters having an upper hand. Having said all of that, I’ve found a higher ratio of lower scoring games compared to the alternative occurring in April rather than any other month. That percentage may fluctuate from year to year, but I’ve formed my opinion based on substantial sample sizes of statistical data, and over a considerable amount of time. In any event, this handicapping ideology plays a small part in my evaluation of daily MLB betting odds in April.


Starting Pitchers in April

There’s a plethora of MLB statistical sites on the internet. Here’s a word of advice in regards to handicapping April baseball. Find one of those sites you’re comfortable with, and then research how individual starting pitchers perform in April. You’ll most likely be surprised to find out, there’s a handful of starting hurlers that annually struggle in April, and others that are dominant during the opening month. I’ve been able to identify some superb money line betting values on MLB betting odds by taking the proper time to do so, and thus uncovering potential starting pitching mismatches that would’ve otherwise escaped me.


Starting Pitchers in Day Games

There’s always a plethora of day games played in April for various reasons. The most common of which is the cold night time temperatures in the Eastern and Midwestern parts of the country, and specifically pertaining to outdoor stadiums. Consequently, MLB teams in those areas tend to schedule more day games than usual in April than at any other point of the season for obvious reasons. Secondly, most organizations choose to play their home openers during the day, not only for weather related reasons, but it’s considered an annual tradition in many cities. Like what I suggested regarding research on April starting pitchers, the same applies to their performance tendencies in day games. The only difference being, day game starting pitching histories can be utilized all season long as opposed to just in April.

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