MLB Betting: Night Owls and Haunting Zombies

Doug Upstone

Friday, August 7, 2015 4:27 PM UTC

Friday, Aug. 7, 2015 4:27 PM UTC

Living in the Arizona desert, when the sun goes down, it is survival of the fittest for animals. The same can also be true for those placing MLB picks when the lights are turned on.

Why teams play good or bad in the daylight or at night has a randomness to it, which is why sportsbooks give very little attention to it when setting betting odds, yet baseball handicappers and those making sports picks would be foolish at least not to consider the extremes when reviewing records.

Here is a look at which teams are night owls and beating the MLB odds and which are playing like zombies and causing sports bettors to lose sleep.


Betting on Night Owl Under the Lights
This news is not like something you would see on TMZ, because as expected, baseball's best team St. Louis also has the best record in night games at 47-28, good for +14 units of profit. The Cardinals are going to have a chance to win day or night because of their top-ranked pitching staff. The only problem the rest of season, especially at home, money lines will be at a premium.

The most profitable squad when the lights come up is Texas at +18.9 units (42-36 record), who has frequently been a road underdog and taken full advantage of this.

One team you would not expect to do well at night are the Chicago Cubs, who are well-known for day baseball at Wrigley Field. Gone are the days of the Cubs playing day only during the day at home and they are a surprising 40-26, +13.4 units at night. Like their biggest rivals the Cardinals, Chicago's No.5 pitching staff based on ERA results has made this possible.

Rounding are our Top 4 night owls are the Los Angeles Angels who are 45-33, good for +8.40 units. The Angels annually are among the teams playing the most night games. This year the Halos wish they could play all contests after dark with a dismal 12-17 record when the sun is still up.


These Teams are Frightening after the Sun Sets
There probably are not many thing more beautiful than watching the sun sink into the Atlantic Ocean if you can be on the right beach in Miami, but the Marlins are scarier than a Rob Zombie movie. (Though the concerts are fun). Miami is a horrific 27-45 and the finest play against outfit for night baseball at -18.3 units. Without Giancarlo Stanton, the Marlins now have the worst offense in baseball at 3.5 runs per game and chances are they will continue to stink.

A popular promotion in baseball parks across the country, both at the major and minor league levels is Zombie Night. The Colorado Rockies have long had one of the worst pitching staffs in baseball and the front office has never figured this out, too worried about the Coors Field. (Hint to Rockies execs, copy what St. Louis does) This leads to the Rockies getting rocked at night to the tune of 24-43 (-16.2).

It wasn't supposed to be this way for Detroit and Boston this season, but it has been. Both clubs have not come close to meeting expectations and front office heads have already been rolling as these teams look to a more clouded future. These dismal campaigns have been reflected under the lights where the Tigers are 26-38 (-13.7) and the Red Sox are 32-41 (-11.3), with promises from management they are not giving up on 2015. Right!

Finally, Cleveland has the worst home record in the majors at 20-32 and places like WagerWeb have cleaned up with the Indians at -23.5 units. This leads to correlation of the Tribe's 31-36 record in night games, dropping 12.5 units.

Following these numbers can only help your MLB picks.

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