MLB Betting News: What’s Brewing in Boston?

Swinging Johnson

Sunday, November 16, 2014 9:32 PM UTC

Sunday, Nov. 16, 2014 9:32 PM UTC

Even though the MLB season is over, this keen handicapper is alert for action impacting the MLB betting odds. He focuses on teams potentially interested in swinging deals or signing free agents.

Red Sox Talking Big
The Boston Red Sox are doing plenty of talking as the winter meetings approach but whether they will pull the trigger on procuring any or all of the high priced talent on the market is another matter entirely. As every card carrying member of Red Sox Nation knows, the Sox brass traded their ace and impending free agent Jon Lester for Oakland’s sweet swinging outfielder Yoenis Cespedes at the trade deadline. The season was effectively over for the supremely disappointing Red Sox and rather than let Lester walk, the Sox decided to get something in return. Lester’s tenure in Boston had suddenly come to a stunning halt and fans were enraged that the Boston brass failed to make a legitimate offer to retain the veteran hurler and perennial All-Star’s services for the foreseeable future.

But now there are rumors afloat that Red Sox management realizes the error of their ways and may go hard at putting Lester back in a Red Sox uniform. In addition, there are some who claim they may add former Detroit All-Star Max Scherzer to the roster as well. While that would be a stretch and claim the resources of roughly $45 million per annum on only two players, Boston has the deep pockets to pull it off. And the gossip doesn’t end there folks. With David Ortiz in line for one more year but closing in on 40-years-old by the end of next season the Red Sox are eyeballing the Kung Fu Panda himself, Pablo Sandoval, as a big bat to ultimately replace Ortiz. The large mound of pound won’t come cheap and will not be looking to be a temporary guest. He wants beaucoup bucks over several years.  

While all of that may be titillating enough to make the Red Sox part of your MLB picks for next season even before the first snow has yet to fall in Boston, there is one other name that has come up but this masher is no free agent yet is certainly one of the most prized players in all of Major League Baseball. He is Florida’s Giancarlo Stanton. Though the 25-year-old is under contract through 2016 to the Marlins the fact is they do not have the financial resources to sign the uber talented outfielder to a long-term mega deal. Jeff Loria, the Marlins owner, and his henchmen are putting on a brave front for now but everyone knows about their worst kept secret. Florida would get besieged with a plethora of offers that would come in the form of blue chip prospects that most importantly cost very little dinero.

The Red Sox won’t land all these big fish but don’t bet against them making a big splash in this year’s free agent pool. Boston is currently 25-1 to win the World Series and 15-1 to win the AL Pennant in MLB odds for the 2015 season. Based on their lackluster production last year and the bare-bones starting rotation that is currently in place, it may take more than acquiring one bona fide ace to get Boston back to the top of the AL heap. But if they decide to land both Lester and Scherzer while acquiring and/or dealing for a big bat, the MLB odds on the Red Sox will immediately plummet. Should we get down on Boston in our MLB futures picks for next season based on gossip, rumor and innuendo? That’s for you to decide dear readers.

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