MLB 10 Runs for Free Cash Contest: Over $20,000 in BTC!

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MLB 10 Runs for Free Cash Contest: Over $20,000 in BTC!
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If you like baseball, free money, and cold beer then this contest is for you. Okay, well, you can scratch the suds but if you win you will have enough dough to buy plenty of brews for you and your compadres, courtesy of SBR! Check it out below!

What’s All the Hubbub About?

Starting June 14th, 2021, the MLB 10 Runs for Free Cash Contest will commence and you don’t want to be on the outside looking in when it does. What’s that you say? You can’t afford to enter contests because your bills are stacked sky-high? Well, never fear because SBR is here! You see, this contest has no entry fee. None, nada, zilch, which makes this a no-risk – all reward proposition!

No wonder so many people love the way Sportsbook Review runs their contests because they ask not what you can do for SBR but what SBR can do for you! Funny, I feel like I’ve heard a variation of that somewhere before but, nonetheless, all you have to do is post your MLB picks to this link and you are in! But before you start spitting picks, you have to understand how the contest works. And for that, read on and you’ll be in a dash for the cash in no time!

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Contest Rules

  • Start and End Dates

Start Date: Monday, June 14th

Contest End Date: Sunday, October 3rd

  • How to Play

Each day you are allowed to pick ONE team that you believe has the best chance to score 10 or more runs on that day. You must also submit with your selection a tiebreaker which is the total number of hits combined between the team you chose and their opponent on that day. Ties for high score will be broken by the closest tiebreaker (can be over or under). If there is a tie in high score AND tiebreaker, the $100 BTC goes to the EARLIEST TIMESTAMP and all others involved in the tie receive a 100 Free Play in the SBR Book.

Now, remember, you may only use a team ONCE PER WEEK. The week starts Monday and ends Sunday for the purposes of this contest.

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You should also know that there will be a running tally of all your winning entries (those with 10 runs or more) that will allow you to compete for each of the three segment prizes. The first segment runs June 14th through July 25th, the second July 16th through August 29th, and the third segment runs August 30th through October 3rd.

In each segment, $2500 will be split unequally among the Top 5 finishers. Once a segment is over, everyone starts with a clean slate. Like the daily prizes, the segment prizes are open to everyone.

Finally, there will be $5000 worth of end-of-year prizes for SBR PROS only! This is a running tally of all your winning entries throughout the year which basically equals your run total in all three segments and will be split unequally among the top 5 finishers.

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  • Prize Pool

A. Daily Prizes (Open to All): $100 (On days when a contestant picks a team scoring 10 or more runs)

B. Three Segment Prizes (Open to All):

Segment 1: June 14th – July 25th (We are SKIPPING All-Star Week of July 12th)

Segment 2: July 26th – August 29th

Segment 3: August 30th – October 3rd

SEGMENT PRIZES (Open to All) Based on Segment Run Score points only (Ties Split)

1st – $1,250

2nd – $500

3rd – $375

4th – $250

5th – $125

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C. YEAR-END PRIZES (SBR PROS ONLY): $5,000 split unequally among the Top 5 SBR Pros

* MUST be an SBR Pro by 11:59 pm ET August 31, 2021, to qualify for Year-End Prizes:

Based on Overall Total Run Score (Ties Split)

1st – $2,500

2nd – $1,000

3rd – $750

4th – $500

5th – $250

*For official rules and details click this link.