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Swinging Johnson

Wednesday, July 3, 2013 6:08 PM UTC

Wednesday, Jul. 3, 2013 6:08 PM UTC

Princess Kate's pregnancy is giving birth to a wide array of gambling options. Sportsbooks are dealing betting odds on the arrival of the new royal and we analyze them here.

An American Perspective

I'm feeling particularly British this morning so I think I'll grab my umbrella, put on my bowler hat, grab a cuppa tea and burn my toothbrush. So call me an ugly American but I don't understand all the fuss and cause célèbre surrounding the impending arrival of the new royal wonder. As a matter of fact, I'm not exactly sure why a monarchy still exists in jolly old England. I thought once you rid yourself of the shackles of monarchical rule, the king and queen ran for their lives and the great unwashed masses celebrated. But the Windsors got a pass and are now the single largest welfare recipient in the modern world. I say good for them and I wish I had that gig. But I simply don't have the genes, however that little bundle cookin' in Kate's oven sure does and we are going to try to make bank on what's in her belly.

Gender Betting Odds

The official declaration emanating from Buckingham Palace is that Kate wants a boy and William desires a girl. Oh how politically correct of them! William wants a girl? Yeah, and he's also drawing up plans this very moment to make nice with the Argentineans and gift them the Falkland Islands. Hooey! 

But enough of the public preening, let's get down to science. Statistically it is more likely that a bouncing baby girl will be delivered. But hold on a minute. There are rumors that the Princess purchased a blue Bugaboo stroller which would indicate she's already got the 411 from the royal doc. I'm sure said stroller is more expensive than a mid-sized sedan so I am inclined to buy into the notion that a little William will be making his royal debut some time in July. The British bookmaker William Hill is dealing odds of -200 on a girl and +150 on a boy so why not grab the vig and celebrate the arrival of a new prince!

In your first royal prop, the betting odds are demanding you plunk a few pounds on Boy +150.

Betting Odds on the Arrival Date

Unless the royals have an embryonic gestation period different than the rest of us mere mortals, it appears William and Kate did the nasty sometime in November. So while the colonists were preparing Thanksgiving dinner those crazy kids at Buckingham Palace were doing the horizontal mambo. You know what they say, if the palace is rockin' don't come a knockin'!

But let's review how William's mother, the elegant and sublime Princess Diana, handled baby William's arrival. Word leaked to the ravenous British press that the new prince was due to arrive on July 1st, 1982. However, ten days earlier, Diana lay in a hospital bed surrounded by doctors and nurses grunting, screaming and ultimately pushing her way to motherhood. Yes, those crafty Windsors fooled the public and the first day of summer was greeted by an adorable baby boy who had no idea he had just hit the gene pool jackpot.

I am inclined to believe history will repeat itself. After all, how miserable would it be for Kate to be queried by the commoners on a daily basis, "So when ya havin' da baby luv?" The official date is July 13th but we're banking it will be a few days earlier. is dealing odds as low as +1000 on July 17th and as high as +4000 on July 30th and 31st. I'm going to be a cheeky monkey and surmise that the royal rumble will tumble into the world on July 11th because Diana was born on July 1st. They couldn't make that date so why not add a one in honor of mum's memory?

Bet July 11th in your betting odds for the new bouncing baby at Buckingham which can be found at +1600 at most online sportsbooks.

Baby Name Betting Odds

Since I am pinning my hopes and my bankroll on a prince and not a princess I must search for the most appropriate masculine name. I dare say the boy would have a tough time commanding British forces if he were to be named Elizabeth. I'm sure it won't be Harry as the British press would have a field day speculating that there was some hanky-panky between the princess and her brother-in-law. I'm not feeling another William in the mix either.

Let's hearken back to the Knights of the Round Table and give this boy a legendary moniker when he ascends to the throne. Arthur, yes that's it! In our last royal prop bet, we will bank on the Windsors returning to the romantic days of yore when a guy named Lancelot was a royal knight and not a Chippendale dancer.

In our last royal prop betting event play Arthur +5000 at 

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