Five Fascinating Baseball Prop Bets to Ponder

Five Fascinating Baseball Prop Bets to Ponder
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We are all bored watching shows we don’t really care about and reading stuff on social media. Let’s a little fun and talk baseball props!

Like you, without sports, there is a limit on how much Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime one can absorb. You also realize, if you burn through all of those, what will do in May for entertainment?

You can also take so much bashing of politics back and forth and Rex Chapman is posting fun and clever material on Twitter, but it’s not every 15 seconds 24/7, so we need to get out of our mind-numbing zombie-like state and do something thought-provoking.

This writer dropped by 5Dimes and saw fresh MLB odds for World Series, leagues and divisions, all with picking the winner or picking the field. This prompted a surge in thinking similar to ripping the top off a Mountain Dew and chugging and got the weird sensation of having active thoughts again about sports.

Here are five MLB picks I like on this rather cool – IMO – topic.

New York Yankees +370 to Win World Series and -465 to Take Field at 5Dimes

Los Angeles Dodgers +385 to Win World Series and -485 to Take Field at 5Dimes

With the start of the season delayed, that has to help three key components for the Yankees in Aaron Judge and starting pitchers James Paxton and Luis Severino. Backing the Yankees to win the World Series makes sense as they look to have the most complete squad.

While there are many unknowns to start this season, in terms of legitimate contenders, that can take home the hardware, the list doesn’t appear long.

The Dodgers, of course, are in the picture, as are Houston, Atlanta, Minnesota, St. Louis, Oakland, and the defending champs Washington. Conceivably, an outsider could arise, especially in an abbreviated season, but that is speculation before we get into the action.

Los Angeles has everything the Yankees have except for a more uncertain starting pitching. That might work itself out with the number of talented young arms they have and no matter what, their workload will not be the same in a shortened season.

These two teams led their leagues in scoring last year with Bronx Bombers at 5.8 runs a game and L.A. at 5.4 RPG. Backing them for World Series and league pennants make the most sense.

St. Louis +215 to Win NL Central and -245 to Take Field at 5Dimes

The Cardinals are easy money to win the NL Central right? But in the immortal words of Lee Corso, “Not so fast my friends!” Of the current six favorites to win divisions in baseball, St. Louis has the highest odds and it is not uncommon for a predicted division favorite or two to fail to what the experts thought they would accomplish.

The Cubs may not look as imposing as a few years ago, yet, they still have ample front-line talent. And what about Cincinnati, who arguably improved as much as anyone in the National League in the off-season and at this time has the best 1-5 starting rotation. Not a bad field bet with decent odds.

Atlanta +185 to Win NL East and -215 to Take Field at 5Dimes

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The Braves won 97 games and the NL East last year and it’s still young team who has the potential for growth. However, when you look at the rest of the NL East outside of Miami, the journey might not be a simple as it seems.

Washington will remain a factor and we can discount any hangover factor, as all their players will have plenty of time to overcome long postseason. No doubt losing Anthony Rendon matters, still, this is a deep and talented squad that can still pitch.

The New York Mets can cause problems and Philadelphia is better than a .500 squad again.

Atlanta should win, but not a lock, play the field.

Houston -172 to Win AL West and +152 to Take Field at 5Dimes

Houston has caught a significant break, not having to travel to 16 different cities this season, where they would be hounded unmercifully. Nevertheless, however many road trips the Astros will play, not one of them will be comfortable it’s one thing to talk about – all for one attitude – but it’s quite a different story to pull it off night after night away from home even if you are in denial for cheating.

While the sportsbooks are not that enamored with Oakland to compete with the best of the American League, the A’s have won 97 games each of the last two years and enter this season with what should be their best club. Definitely worth a gander at more favorable MLB odds.

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