Examining the Biggest MLB Free Agent Targets for the 2016 Season

Joe Catalano

Monday, November 9, 2015 3:52 PM UTC

Monday, Nov. 9, 2015 3:52 PM UTC

The MLB season moves on quickly and we have jumped from the Royals being the World Series Champions to who will be the next champs?. This could be dependant upon what big free agents are out there.


David Price
A team needs a workorse that will give them in excess in 120 pitches and wherever David Price has gone, whether it be Tampa Bay, Detroit, or Toronto, he's been able to provide innings and stability. Price played exceptionally well with the Blue Jays and I can't see him leaving, but everyone has a price and there are a lot of teams interested in him.

The Yankees, Red Sox, Dodgers, Giants, and Cardinals are all interseted in Price. This just tells you that they're looking for Price to put them over the top as these are all top contending teams. Price is on the borderline of a top 5 pitcher in the MLB and whoever gets him, knows that he's durable.


Chris Davis
As they always do, players pick their year of free agency to get hot. It almost appears as they do it on purpose as Chris Davis had a very disappointing season in 2014 after his 50 home run season and in 2015, returned to his old form with. For the season, Crush had 47 HR, 117 RBI ,and a .262 BA. He has the perfect swing for Camden Yards and the Orioles look to re-sign him and other teams that are interested are the Blue Jays and Angels .Can you imagine Davis and as a Blue Jay and the power that they would possess?


Johnny Cueto
This is a player that I wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole. He was a beast as a Cincinnati Red, but was terrible for the Kansas City Royals. Cueto got his ring and I'm sure the Royals would like to dump him as maybe he's better suited to face National League hitters. That said, Cueto did come up big when it counted, but his entire season was a major disappointment. A team picking him up would be taking a major risk. The Padres and Giants are two great fits for Cueto.


Justin Upton
Upton picked a bad year to weaken as the season went on as his batting average and overall numbers plummeted. That said, this is still as guy with a good glove, good speed, and power. He's a free swinger that strikes out a lot and that hasn't detered the Orioles, Cardinals , and Blue Jays from wanting him. This might be a good time to get him as his asking price should be lower than his potential indicates.


Yoenis Cespedes
This is an all or nothing player as you saw with the Mets. He really helped the Mets get to the World Series, but couldn't perform in clutch situations and made some really poor mental mistakes in the outfield. That said, he has an arm that's second to none. The Mets really wanted him, but when they realized that he plays golf before a World Series game, they showed less interest.


Jeff Samardzija
I will make this one simple. If he played like he did for the Cubs, I could see a ton of teams jumping at him, but he's been moving from team to team and hasn't regained his old form. Still, there is a demand for a solid arm such as this.

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