Betting on the MLB All Star Game: Worth the Gamble?

Ross Benjamin

Tuesday, July 14, 2015 12:00 PM UTC

Tuesday, Jul. 14, 2015 12:00 PM UTC

Our MLB handicapping professional shares his thoughts on the All-Star game which will be played tonight in Cincinnati. Find out what's the better MLB pick for this clash!

2015 MLB All-Star Game Money Line Preview
The annual MLB all-star game takes place today in Cincinnati with the first pitch slated for 8:15 PM ET. The focus of this article will be geared toward the money line. According to the MLB odds at Pinnacle,

" target="_blank" title="Click here to shop & compare the best prices on the market">the National League is -115, and the American League +106.


Weather Report
I ordinarily don’t address weather in my game preview articles. I don’t see the point in wasting time on that subject. If we know what the weather report looks like, then you can be rest assured the sportsbooks do as well, and have already factored it in when setting their line. However, because this annual event garners a lot of viewing interest, and there’s a very good chance the weather will spoil the festivities, then it’s certainly worth mentioning. There’s a 78% chance of thunderstorms tonight at game time, and the wind will be blowing out toward right-field at 10 miles per hour. Please don’t shoot the messenger because I’m just reporting the facts.


Recent History and Incentive
The American League has gone 7-3 in the last ten games, and has won each of the last two.

Major League Baseball has implemented a new concept for their all-star game in recent years. The winner of the game determines which league will have home field advantage for that year’s upcoming World Series. Obviously this is intended to provide more incentive for players in what previously was a meaningless game. It must be noted, there are six members of the Kansas City Royals on the American League roster, and that includes three starters. Alex Gordon would have made seven but he’s currently on the disabled list. Considering the Royals advanced to the 2014 World Series, and currently have a somewhat comfortable lead in the AL Central, the incentive part of the equation certainly can’t be ignored.

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My Final Thoughts
I’m not a proponent of wagering on all-star games in any sport. There are just too many miscellaneous and unknown factors to account for. Regardless of what some so called handicappers will convey, the art of sports betting is an inexact science that requires constant tweaking in order to be successful. All-Star games reach the extreme limit of an inexact science, and any wager made on these contests should be made at an absolute minimum monetary amount in my professional opinion. For what it’s worth, I have the smallest of leans toward the American League +106 today. Please note, this is strictly an opinion play, and I personally will not be making a wager on this game.

MLB Pick: American League +106 at Pinnacle

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