Best Time To Place Your World Series Picks is Now!

Charles Stark

Monday, July 13, 2015 11:32 AM UTC

Monday, Jul. 13, 2015 11:32 AM UTC

Here are three really solid teams that could win the title this season. This is about combining the value the odds makers have put on a team and their chances to actually win the whole thing. 

First, here are four teams with decent value that I left off this list. Tampa Bay (+2500), I didn't include them in my AL pennant value column but they need to be mentioned here. They are one of the top staffs in major league baseball and recently they have been limiting their innings, so if they find a way to get in it they could shock some teams, but they're 26th in runs scored per game and there is a reason why they have a -9 run differential. The Mets (+2500), read everything above and it fits the Mets perfectly except for the limiting of starters innings, enough said. Houston (+1800), they are already in regression mode, look for the Angels to pass them pretty soon after the All-Star break and not look back, although they might be a fun team to back at the beginning of next season. The Giants (+2000), if I was going to make the list below into four teams the Giants would be the fourth, with Cain back and the confidence that three recent World Series rings will produce, it might not be a bad idea to take the reigning champs at 20 to 1.


2015 World Series Champions the Pittsburgh Pirates
At +1400 why not take a shot with the Pirates? They have the second best record in the National League and the only thing holding them back right now is just being in the central division. They definitely have the pitching to make a strong playoff push to get to the World Series and win it. On top of all this there seems to be a little different demeanor in the way the Pirates have been carrying themselves this season. An issue for them will be winning on the road (swept by Nationals in Washington last month), but they have been resilient for the most part. They have an ace in Cole, a leader in McCutchen, and a closer in Melancon. They easily could be the National League version of the Kansas City Royals last year.


2015 World Series Champions the Los Angeles Angels
They have two of the best hitters in the American League and they hit back to back. Currently at +1400 the Angels are the well-managed type of team that if they get there could make some real noise. Their starting pitching is not bad but they really need to make a push for someone like Cueto. If they pick up that one extra marquee starter before the trade deadline they could roll through the AL West. They're second in the American League in runs against behind the Royals and they have been really hot the last few weeks. They have a guy who's been there in Pujols and at this value you are siding with the team that has the best player in baseball (Trout, and I'm not going to use the word "arguably"... all due respect to Miguel Cabrera). It's been a while since the Angels have been in it but it just feels like this is the team to take them back to the promised land.


2015 World Series Champions the New York Yankees
I really wanted to put the San Francisco Giants in this spot, and if I was going to add a fourth team to this list it would be them. But along with the Pirates and Angels, at +1400 the Yankees are simply too good to pass up with this kind of value. Mind you this is a team that is willing to spend some money and do what they have to do to get the hunt, so don't be surprised with the moves they will make prior to the trade deadline. They're second in the league in runs scored per game and offense is not the issue. Most likely they'll make a run at Hamels, Cueto, or even David Price (a long shot but then again this is the Yankees). Probably New York would need to shore up their relief pitching as well, and this is simply the theme with them, they need better pitching to win it all and they know it so they will get it.

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