2017 World Series, AL, NL Pennant Futures Book Odds Update

Justin Hilbert

Thursday, September 14, 2017 7:46 PM UTC

Thursday, Sep. 14, 2017 7:46 PM UTC

The Cleveland Indians might not lose again until 2018, and Francisco Lindor and the Tribe have now not only taken the spotlight off the once record pace-setting Dodgers, but have also replaced Los Angeles as favorites in sportsbooks in the 2017 World Series winner market

Red-Hot, Streaking Indians Replace Dodgers as World Series Favorites in Sportsbooks 

MLB Regular Season Quickly Approaches its End as Tribe Roll, Dodgers Swoon; Playoffs Beginning October 3rd

The MLB Regular Season is approaching its end (Sunday, Oct. 1) with the first pitch in the Postseason scheduled for Tuesday, October 3—Tiebreakers pending of course—with the 2017 World Series starting Tuesday, October 24 and potentially running until Wednesday, November 1 should it take 7 nail-biting and hard-fought games to determine champ in the Fall Classic like it did last season when the Chicago Cubs ended a 108-year nightmare beating the Cleveland Indians, thanks in great part to an artistic At Bat from Chicago's Ben Zobrist. And only 18 teams are now lined with mathematical chances to potentially win the AL and NL pennant as well as the 2017 World Series, so let’s take one last look at Futures betting odds from those markets fresh from Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook here in fabulous Sin City where the place was almost packed on what should be a sleepy Tuesday afternoon with sports bettors watching the UEFA Champions League (Soccer) action on the cutting-edge HDTVs, some the size of Montana. Or at least bigger than my old Toyota. Seriously man.



The Futures odds now show the Cleveland Indians to be solid favorites to win the 2017 World Series, with the Spring and most of Summer darlings, the Dodgers (+150 to win NL Pennant, Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook) now the second odds favorite at 4/1. Why? It’s simple. And a great example of recency bias and the sports betting public chasing a team who is hot and winning. The Los Angeles Dodgers (92-52 into Tuesday)—once 91-36—have gone 1-16 in their L17 games while Cleveland (+125 to win AL Pennant, Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook) has W19 straight games heading into Tuesday’s Game 2 vs. the Tigers in Cleveland, where a closing line of -516 could be seen (Heritage)—the highest line for an MLB in my life and I’ve been betting Baseball since the Andy Frain guys at the old Comiskey Park in Chicago used to let Babe Ruth out the side door for a beer and a hot dog at McCuddy’s when the Bambino knew he might not be batting that half-inning for the Yankees—as well as the first MLB Run Line (-1½) chalk I remember seeing with the favorite (Cleveland) being priced at -200 (Bodog). But I often forget what day of week it is, so who knows. That’s beyond an extreme line and begs the rhetorical sports gambling question: Is there still value in a winner priced at -516? And my theory has always been if the bet wins and you can buy pizza, pet food or Kleenex®, then it definitely had that once perceived value. You loquacious Earthlings can keep all of your “best numbers” and portfolios. Winning is all that matters in the end. Now go win.



Here are fresh 2017 MLB World Series, AL and NL Pennant odds from the Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook with the opening odds from last October for context. Those who really may have gotten “the best of it”? Those holding Diamondbacks Futures tickets to win the 2017 World Series at that opening 100/1 price. We might not hear you, but we definitely see you Snakes.


2017 World Series Odds—(September 12, 2017, Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook)

(Opening Odds from Oct. 23, 2016 in parentheses)

Cleveland Indians +250 (12/1)

Los Angeles Dodgers +400 (10/1)

Houston Astros +500 (12/1)

Washington Nationals +600 (10/1)

Boston Red Sox +800 (10/1)

Chicago Cubs +1000 (3/1)

Arizona Diamondbacks +1200 (100/1)

New York Yankees +1200 (25/1)

Colorado Rockies +2000 (60/1)

St. Louis Cardinals +3000 (20/1)

Milwaukee Brewers +5000 (100/1)

Los Angeles Angels +6000 (100/1)

Minnesota Twins +6000 (100/1)

Baltimore Orioles +10,000 (20/1)

Kansas City Royals +10,000 (30/1)

Seattle Mariners +10,000 (25/1)

Texas Rangers +10,000 (16/1)

Tampa Bay Rays +50,000 (60/1)

AL Pennant Odds—(September 12, 2017, Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook)

Cleveland Indians +125 (9/2)

Houston Astros +250 (11/2)

Boston Red Sox +400 (9/2)

New York Yankees +600 (11/1)

Los Angeles Angels +3000 (50/1

Minnesota Twins +3000 (50/1)

Baltimore Orioles +5000 (9/1)

Kansas City Royals +5000 (14/1)

Seattle Mariners +5000 (11/1)

Texas Rangers +5000 (7/1)

Tampa Bay Rays +25,000 (28/1)


NL Pennant Odds—(September 12, 2017, Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook)

Los Angeles Dodgers +150 (5/1)

Washington Nationals +225 (5/1)

Chicago Cubs +500 (3/2)

Arizona Diamondbacks +600 (50/1)

Colorado Rockies +1000 (30/1)

St. Louis Cardinals +1500 (10/1)

Milwaukee Brewers +2000 (50/1)




2017 NL PENNANT PICK: Arizona Diamondbacks 6/1 (Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook)

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