$20,000 MLB 10-Run Contest Standings at the Break

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$20,000 MLB 10-Run Contest Standings at the Break

The All-Star break is here and so too is a slight reprieve from SBR’s $20,000 MLB 10-Run Contest which is free to enter at any time! Let’s check out the leaderboard in this season-long competition and discuss why this bash for cash contest is the best around.

Am I Too Late to the Party?

The one thing about SBR is they always leave the light on for you. Look, some of us are check-the-box kinda guys and gals while others take their sweet time getting to wherever they’re going. Different strokes for different folks. It’s why they sell chocolate and vanilla. We are all moving at our own speed on this big blue marble and SBR gets it.

And with that, it should come as no surprise that you are definitely not too late to enter SBR’s $20,000 MLB 10-Run Contest because there is plenty of time – and money – left in the game. There are three segments to this contest as well as the end-of-year prizes and we are not even finished with Segment 1 so pick up a bat and get into the game!

How Does It Work?

Pick the one team on the daily MLB slate that you believe will score 10 runs or more. The only caveat is you can’t use the same twice during the week (Monday through Sunday). That’s the long and short of the contest. Simple, right? Anyone can do it and so can you.

Now here’s the best part. The contestant who picks the team with the most runs that night wins $100 in Bitcoin. If there is more than one winner then there will be a tiebreaker. The tiebreaker is the number of total hits combined by both teams in that game that each contestant picks before the game.

For instance, when I enter my pick in the sticky post in Players Talk that says MLB 10 Runs for Free Cash Contest – Over $20,000 in BTC Prizes! it will look like this:

The Date: 7/11

The Team: Mets

Tiebreaker: 25

Now, remember, once you enter for that day you can’t change it. No edits allowed except if there is a rainout then you can note it in your second pick with something like, “Yo, SBR, my main game got rained, ya feel?” Then you can make your second guess and there will be no harm, no foul. And that’s pretty much it except for the prize money which I will discuss directly below.

Prize Pool

Daily Prizes: $100

Monthly Prizes [end of each 3 segments]: $2,500 unequally split among the Top 5 as follows:

  • 1st – $1,250
  • 2nd – $500
  • 3rd – $375
  • 4th – $250
  • 5th – $125

Year-End Prize: $5,000 unequally split among the Top 5 SBR Pros as follows:

  • 1st – $2,500
  • 2nd – $1,000
  • 3rd – $750
  • 4th – $500
  • 5th – $250

The daily prize is self-explanatory and so too are the year-end prizes. But just remember if you want to be eligible for the year-end prizes then you have to be an SBR PRO by August 31st. The SBR PRO with the highest total of 10-run or more days will get the top prize of $2500 followed by $1000 for second, $750 for third, $500 for fourth, and $250 for fifth place.

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But what’s a segment you ask? SBR realized there would be contestants that would be hopelessly out of the big prizes so they created three segments. It’s like three seasons where everyone starts fresh but the overall tallies continue for the SBR PROS eligible for the year-end prizes.

Anyway, the segments are broken into the following months:

Segment 1: June 14th – July 25th (We are SKIPPING All-Star Week of July 12th)

Segment 2: July 26th – August 29th

Segment 3: August 30th – October 3rd

Top 10 Standings as of 7/11

  1. mikejamm 112
  2. seaborneq 100
  3. thetrinity 99
  4. Lex_icon 91
  5. pabonaparte 90
  6. Roger T. Bannon 88
  7. JOH 88
  8. ArunSh 85
  9. Ian 81
  10. Chi_archie 81

Alright, so our man, mikejamm, continues to set the early pace in our contest, having been on top pretty much since the get-go. Segment 1 ends on Sunday, July 25th, and seabroneq, thetrinity, Lex_icon, and pabonaparte all have a reasonable shot at overtaking him and getting the largest share of that $2500 pie being whacked up amongst the Top 5 contestants.

But never fear, when Segment 2 arrives, it’s all shiny and new (except for the running tally for the end-of-year prizes) and everyone starts at zero. So, that’s it, kids. If you’re in it then good luck but if you’re not…then sign up now!