$20,000 MLB 10-Run Contest Standings After Segment 1

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$20,000 MLB 10-Run Contest Standings After Segment 1

After a one-week hiatus during the All-Star break, SBR’s $20,000 10-Run MLB Contest is back on track, and below we will discuss how to enter (it’s easy) and who took home the cash as our Segment 1 winners!

I Want In, What’d I Miss?

If you want a ticket to the party then you’ve got one, and the best part about it is the admission is free! As for what you missed, well, let’s just say the opening act is over but the best has yet to come. We have three segments in this contest and Segment 2 just started this week so you are in it to win it, as everyone starts all over and the slate is wiped clean after each segment except for the grand prizes at the end of the tournament which combine all three segments.

But even those five grand prizes worth a cool $5,000 are still up for grabs because if you jump in now and get on a heater, you could vault to the top of the standings in no time! Just remember, to be eligible for the end-of-year prizes you must be an SBR PRO but daily and segment prizes are open to everyone. Speaking of the daily prizes, SBR gives out $100 in BTC each day to the winner of our $20,000 10-Run MLB Contest so pick up a bat and start knocking it out of the park!

Give Me the Rules

You want rules, I’ll give you rules. I’m not the brightest bulb but even I can follow these simple instructions. Choose one MLB team each day that you believe will score 10 runs or more. The only wrinkle is you can’t use the same twice during the week which is construed as Monday through Sunday. How’s that for simple?

And who wins? Well, the contestant who picks the team with the most runs that day wins $100 in Bitcoin. If there is more than one contestant who chose that team then there will be a tiebreaker consisting of total hits combined by both teams in that game. That’s why in addition to picking the team you have to predict the combined runs in that game just in case. If there is still a tie then whichever contestant has the earliest timestamp for their pick wins.

For instance, when I enter my pick in the sticky post in Players Talk that says MLB 10 Runs for Free Cash Contest – Over $20,000 in BTC Prizes! it will look like this:

The Date: 7/28

The Team: Angels

Tiebreaker: 25

Let’s not forget that once you enter your pick you can’t change it. No edits are allowed except if there is a rainout then you can make a note of it in your second pick so we know it is valid. No funny business, ya see? Now let’s talk prize money.

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Prize Pool

Daily Prizes: $100

Monthly Prizes [end of each 3 segments]: $2,500 unequally split among the Top five as follows

  • 1st – $1,250
  • 2nd – $500
  • 3rd – $375
  • 4th – $250
  • 5th – $125

Year-End Prize: $5,000 unequally split among the Top 5 SBR Pros as follows

  • 1st – $2,500
  • 2nd – $1,000
  • 3rd – $750
  • 4th – $500
  • 5th – $250

The daily prize is self-explanatory and so too are the year-end prizes. But just remember if you want to be eligible for the year-end prizes then you have to be an SBR PRO by August 31st. The SBR PRO with the highest total of 10-run or more days will get the top prize of $2500 followed by $1000 for the second, $750 for third, $500 for fourth, and $250 for fifth place.

But what’s a segment you ask? SBR realized there would be contestants who would be hopelessly out of the big prizes so they created three segments. It’s like three seasons where everyone starts fresh but the overall tallies continue for the SBR PROS eligible for the year-end prizes.

Anyway, the segments are broken into the following months:

  • Segment 1: June 14th – July 25th – Officially Over as of July 25th
  • Segment 2: July 26th – August 29th
  • Segment 3: August 30th – October 3rd

Segment 1 Winners

  • 1st – $1,250 – mikejamm – 112 Total Runs
  • 2nd – $500 – thetrinity – 110 Total Runs
  • 3rd – $375 – seaborneq – 100 Total Runs
  • 4th – $250 – Lex_icon – 91 Total Runs
  • 5th – $125 – pabonaparte -90 Total Runs