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Florida governor Ron DeSantis meets with fans during Day One of The Walker Cup at Seminole Golf Club on May 08, 2021 in Juno Beach, Florida.
Florida governor Ron DeSantis meets with fans during Day One of The Walker Cup at Seminole Golf Club on May 08, 2021 in Juno Beach, Florida. Photo by Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images via AFP.

After officially announcing his intention to run for the 2024 US Presidential Election, Donald Trump is one of three candidates who have separated themselves as the favorites to win.. Read on as we explore the odds and look at the top picks for the 2024 US Presidential Election.

Nearly all of the results from the 2022 US midterm elections are in, so the public has shifted its attention to the 2024 Presidential Election. Oddsmakers are paying close attention too, and they’ve pegged three candidates as the clear favorites to capture the election.

Voters in the US can’t wager on the election, but they can take advantage of PredictIt, a site that offers stocks rather than betting slips that can be bought and sold for pennies and eventually cashed out for as much as a dollar on a winning outcome.

DraftKings Ontario offers 2024 Presidential Election odds, so we’ll use these two platforms as our frame of reference.

2024 US Presidential Election Odds

Winning party

PartyOddsProfit on $100 bet

Winning candidate

Ron DeSantis+225
Donald Trump+350
Joe Biden+450
Kamala Harris+1400
Gavin Newsome+1400
Mike Pence+2200
Pete Buttigieg+2200
Nikki Haley+2800
Michelle Obama+3500
Dwayne Johnson+4000
Hillary Clinton+5000
Mike Pompeo+5000
Elizabeth Warren+5000
Ted Cruz+5000

2024 US Presidential Election Picks

2024 US Presidential Election Leading Candidates

Ron DeSantis (+225 via DraftKings, 34 cents via PredictIt)

DeSantis is the clear favorite to win the presidency in 2024 after winning big in his 2022 gubernatorial re-election race in Florida. DeSantis defeated challenger Charlie Crist by over 1.5 million votes and won 62 of the state’s 67 counties in a commanding victory. DeSantis is a former political ally of Donald Trump, but if he wants to win the Republican nomination (let alone the presidency), he’ll have to contend with the former president.

Trump has already started name-calling and making disparaging comments about DeSantis, and this vitriolic rhetoric will be a constant thorn in DeSantis’ side as he attempts to climb the political ladder. He has the advantage of support from the Republican party after his big win in Florida, and his name is getting more and more attention on the national stage.

Donald Trump (+330 via DraftKings, 26 cents via PredictIt)

Trump’s odds have gotten shorter on DraftKings, and his stock on PredictIt has gone up by two cents in recent days leading up to his official announcement that'll run again for the 2024 election. Trump’s popularity in the Republican party has dwindled after Democrats retained control of the Senate, and Trump-backed candidates fared poorly in the 2022 midterm elections. 

Trump’s loud and boisterous persona has endeared him to many voters and turned many others against him over the years, and he remains one of the most divisive political figures in the United States. He has the experience and the name recognition, but does he still have enough equity among voters to win another presidential election?

Joe Biden (+550 via DraftKings, 24 cents via PredictIt)

The top two betting favorites are from the same party, meaning oddsmakers aren’t too confident in a Biden re-election. That may be due to his poor 43% approval rating among registered voters. It may also be due to his advanced age. Biden assumed the presidency at 78 years old, one year older than Ronald Reagan was when he completed his second term. Biden would be 81 at the time of re-election if he chooses to run and 85 when his second term ends.

Advanced age and approval ratings aside, the Democrats’ strong showing in the 2022 midterms may embolden him to run again, though he’s said he won’t make that decision until early 2023 after consulting with his family. Though Biden’s odds are longer than his Republican opponents, a fierce battle between DeSantis and Trump could fracture the party and lead to re-election.

Kamala Harris (+1200 via DraftKings, 6 cents via PredictIt)

Harris makes the most sense for long-shot bettors, as she would be the most likely to run on the Democratic ticket in 2024 if Biden chooses to retire.

Presidential Odds for Notable Celebrities

Dwayne Johnson+4000
Tucker Carlson+6500
Jeff Bezos+10000
Meghan Markle+15000
Joe Rogan+15000
Kanye West+20000
George Clooney+30000
Mark Zuckerberg+30000

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US Presidential Election picks made 11/15/2022 at 10:52 a.m. ET.