WePlay AniMajor Run for Team Spirit Ended by ViCi Gaming

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WePlay AniMajor Run for Team Spirit Ended by ViCi Gaming
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Team Spirit made their debut during this week’s AniMajor, and the team’s success has inspired lesser-known Esports teams across the world. Their position in the tournament was utterly disregarded; being referred to as the “underdogs” must-have sparked inspiration in the team. They defeated higher-seeded competitors during the group stages, eventually making it to the playoffs. And it wasn’t over yet, defeating team Alliance with excellent team play and the willingness to prove the doubters wrong.

Unfortunately, the inspirational run at AniMajor came crashing down once they were faced with one of China’s most dominant teams, ViCi Gaming.

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Once the Winter Wyvern was secured by ViCi Gaming during the first part of the draft in game one and then combined with Faceless Void & Snapfire, it created a perfect team fight lineup. VG dominated from the early onset; by matching the pressure of Team Spirit, it almost seemed like they had understood the opponents game plan before the games had begun. We do not doubt our minds that VG had done their research, watching both the Dragon Knight and Doom stay in the front lines; the aggression came early and assisted the Chinese outfit with every big clash.

During the second game, a switch up to Dragon Knight to the offlane and reversed Spirit’s team fight with an AA and Kunkka, both providing excellent results when it came down to bring conflicts into their favor. With that said, Team Spirit did hold a slight lead during the early laning stage, thanks to Mirana Arrows coming from Miroslaw Kolpakov. Still, the plan to attack ViCi Gaming’s Juggernaut during the laning stage was simply not good enough. VG’s impressive trio core was unmatchable for the youthful CIS squad, but exiting the AniMajor with a top-8 position given their overall chances is still remarkable.

ViCi Gaming head into the lower bracket round at AniMajor; as Team Spirit say their goodbyes, they’ll begin preparing for the eastern Europe regional closed qualifiers for The International 10. Just one team from each region has the chance of reaching TI through qualifying matches. In Eastern Europe, Team Spirit will match up against AS Monaco Gambit, HellRaisers, Unique, Natus Vincere, and many other squads who battled in the seasonal league this year. TI 10 Eastern Europe qualification staged will take place between the 23rd and 26th of June, with a double-elimination bracket and 16 teams fighting for their hope of reaching Stockholm, Sweden.