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Valorant vs. Overwatch: Which Game Is the Best In a Clash of Styles?

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Valorant vs. Overwatch: Which Game Is the Best In a Clash of Styles?
Visitors at the trade fair for the Paris Games Week, play Overwatch on October 27, 2016. Photo by LIONEL BONAVENTURE / AFP

Upon its release to consoles and PC, Valorant was comparable to many other games, but its most prominent comparisons were lined up next to Overwatch. Team-based FPS (First-person shooters) games are all the rage in today’s modern gaming and esports market, but between Valorant and Overwatch, who is king?

Let’s take a look at two of the hottest games and see if we can pick the best.

Valorant vs. Overwatch: Monthly Players

The most basic approach to dictating which game is greater of the two would be to compare the number of players logging into their respective servers each month. Game developers are known to avoid releasing these said numbers unless a large player base is counted.

With that said, Overwatch generated up to 10 million monthly players at the end of 2020, which is quite staggering for a game released four years ago.

Valorant has shown a player count of 3 million monthly players during its 2020 beta period, but we must note that its player numbers have grown considerably since then. When comparing the two games, Overwatch is likely beating Valorant in monthly users, but this could certainly change with a smaller time frame for generated players.

Valorant vs. Overwatch: Gameplay

Given the comparisons made between these two games, you’d be led to believe they’re incredibly similar games; however, this isn’t the case. Sure, the abilities in both games are comparable, but gunplay intricacies are quite the opposite. Valorant steers towards a more competitive style of gameplay, which can be thankful for assisting in its esports success.

Precision shooting describes Valorant, while Overwatch doesn’t offer much in terms of single-shot kills.

So deciding on which game offers the better gameplay is difficult; it comes down to personal preference.

Valorant vs. Overwatch: Esports Popularity

As previously mentioned, Valorant is significantly more competitive when comparing its gameplay to Overwatch. And for this reason, the esports fanbase seems to be supporting Valorant more so than Overwatch.

When looking into each game’s respective viewership numbers in esports, Overwatch draws around 100,000 viewers in its weekly matchups. These numbers naturally vary, and in larger tournaments, you’ll find the 2020 majors drew 120,000 viewers on YouTube.

Valorant has drawn the interest of 800,000 viewers between multiple platforms during its 2021 events. This puts Valorant ahead in terms of esports viewership.

The Verdict

Each game owns its own set of strengths and weaknesses; deciding on which game is better will always come down to preference. Valorant does hold a few strongholds in its favor, with its esports scene continuously growing alongside its player base.

However, we must remember that Overwatch is significantly older than Valorant, and with an Overwatch sequel set for release next year, its developers aren’t strictly focusing on their original title.

When Overwatch 2 is released, perhaps we’ll be able to make a definitive answer. But for now, we can only suggest that you enjoy the best of both worlds and conclude which game is better by simply playing them for yourself.