Top Rated Sportsbook Extends Cash Back Incentives to Live Betting


Live betting has become the most popular form of betting

Live betting has soared in popularity over the past few years as it allows sports fans to assess the action before placing their bet. You can gauge each team’s motivation, energy and confidence levels and really get a feel for the game before betting on it. Live wagering also levels the playing field between bettors and odds compilers, as you are both reacting in real time to rapidly developing events. Millions of fans love to bet in-play and it has firmly established itself as the world’s most popular form of sports wagering.

Live betting wagers now count toward cash back incentive program

Many of the best bonuses, promotions and markets have been limited to pre-game betting, however, that is starting to change. The best sportsbooks in the business are improving their live betting offerings to reflect its increasing importance to players. For instance, Heritage Sports (SBR rating A+) has just started to include live betting wagers in its popular cash back loyalty scheme.

For the uninitiated, Heritage gives you 0.8% cash back on the amount you wager each quarter if you place 500 or more bets over the three-month period. If you place between 150 and 499 bets, you get 0.6% cash back, and it is 0.4% for anything up to 149 bets. The cash back you receive can go all the way up to $10,000. Previously, it has only included pre-game sports bets, but as of this month it includes live, in-play wagers too.

Live betting extends to parlays

Parlays on spreads also receive a special cash back payout, starting at 2X on four or five team parlays and going up to 4.5X for parlays with 14 or more selections. In time for the new NFL season, Heritage Sports is planning to make parlays available on live bets. This is a really exciting development for sports fans, as you can keep your eyes on a few different ball games and place a parlay on them while watching the action unfold.

The future is Live

It all shows just how mature and sophisticated the live betting market is becoming, and bettors have never had such a wealth of exciting options to choose from. Many of our top rated books at Sportsbook Review offer compelling in-play betting options, including Bookmaker, BetOnline, 5Dimes and Bovada, while cash out options and live streaming are improving all the time, and this phenomenon will only continue to grow in the months and years ahead.

It was initially confined mainly to soccer, but nowadays a huge number of sports are covered by live betting at the top sportsbooks, from NFL, baseball and hockey to horse racing and esports. Yet soccer continues to grow in popularity and Heritage has just launched a new section called Soccer PLUS in order to cater to the growing pool of soccer fans around the world. The new season has just started across Europe and this new section is sure to prove popular among bettors that want to take advantage of sharp lines that Heritage’s reduced juice model yields.