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The Top League of Legends Champions for the 2021 URF

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The Top League of Legends Champions for the 2021 URF

League of Legends’ most popular rapid and hectic game mode, URF (Ultra Rapid Fire), returns in the latest 11.19 patch, and LoL enthusiasts are ecstatic at the thought of its lack of restrictions they’ll be able to utilize.

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The Ultra Rapid Fire game mode, better known as URF, is where champions have barely any cooldowns with no mana or energy cost on their abilities. The game mode holds significant entertainment value as fun, fast, and completely action-packed. In addition, ARUF, the counterpart of URF, gives players the chance to choose their own champions. This means that players can enter champion selection with a particular champ to ensure they take control of the Rift.

Because of this game mode, each champion can be dominant if used correctly. Naturally, metas will occur despite the type of mode and with that said, here’s our top champions to assist your return to URF.


The champion known as Zed can cause quite the confusion for both users and enemies – and there’s no problem with that. With his ability to consistently jump from one shadow to another, Zed can destroy any squishy, and sometimes non-squishy – through his own unique way. The enemy will struggle to track you down, and his ultimate on low cooldown, tracking your opponent comes easy.


Champion Fizz can destroy any squishy whilst being able to get away unscathed; he refuses to die. The Trickster/Playful ability removes the enemies’ chance to target him for 0.75 seconds. When you add that his cooldown is ultimately lowered, those gunning for Fizz will never want to go fishing again.


Owning one of the highest ban rates in URF, Yummi can turn any monster into an unkillable character and prepare them to take over any game. Yummi’s zoomies were already addicting in average game modes, but in URF, they’re OP. Jump onto any champion and watch as they conquer.


Morgana is one of the deadliest champions in URF, producing serious damage while keeping enemies at bay with her Soul Shackles and Dark Binding abilities. Team fights or larger groups of enemies are a breeze; once she has Zhonya’s Hourglass, she can jump into a group of enemies, cast her ultimate, and go into stasis.


With countless skill shots at his disposal, Ezreal has been a popular choice since URF became available. If you can land his abilities, you’ll bog the enemy down before they can throw something back. Additionally, he’s an excellent marksman outside of URF with his Arcane Shift.


Avoiding death is what makes a champion in URF special. Ekko, much like Fizz, is perfect for causing damage while staying alive with his ultimate ability, Chronobreak. Also, his Phase Dive allows him to flow in team fights, removing gaps and causing engages and picks for the team as Parallel Convergence will become a pain when it stuns enemies for 2.25 seconds with a 4.4-second cooldown.


The Deceive ability with its two-second cooldown at max level is ruthless; Shaco is a beast on the Rift. The ability to become stealth for most of the game is frustrating for the enemy team. To add, his Two-Shiv Poison after a Demon Jester combination is strong after Deceive. Deceive, get behind someone, and a Two-Shiv will cause maximum damage and kills.