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Team Rogue Receive a Care Package: LoL Worlds 2021

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Team Rogue Receive a Care Package: LoL Worlds 2021
This picture shows gamers looking to emulate League of Legends giant Faker. (Photo by Jung Yeon-je / AFP)

Esports and League of Legends (LoL) fanatics have a mere four days until 2021 LoL World Championships is underway, and it’s the Rogue League of Legends European Championship team who’ve received a tidy care package bundled with innovative gear heading into their tough opening matches.

League of Legends Care Package: Hyperice

Hyperice is a high-performance wellness brand that focuses on producing equipment, apparel, and gear that assists esports players with their training and recovery. From contrast therapy, mind technology, thermal technology, percussion, vibration, and dynamic air compression, Hyperice assists teams like Rogue with raising their ability to play longer and harder, making a recovery period faster and more comfortable, enabling them to perform at the best of their potential.

Anna Baumann, EVP of esports at RekTGlobal (Rogues parent company), said, “We always put the wellbeing of our players first. “The cutting-edge devices and athlete performance programs offered by Hyperice are ideal for combating the soreness, muscle straining, and poor circulation esports players often face at high levels of training and competition. Hyperice’s technology perfectly complements our successful high-performance framework led and developed by our performance director, sports scientist Ismael Pedraza.”

The general assumption from those unfamiliar with esports is that the risk of injury isn’t probable. Still, just like other sports, esports can be both mentally and physically draining on its athletes who’re training and competing at the highest level. However, the first team to secure their position in the LoL 2021 World Championships in Rogue want to reduce their recovery protocols by utilizing the technology that Hyperice is innovating.

“Hyperice works with athletes across the world, so we’re pleased to be supporting one of the most competitive, high-performance teams in the esports arena,” said the Director of Marketing at Hyperice, Michael Ricatto. “We’re excited for Rogue as they face off in this year’s Worlds Championship. From each day of training to the moment of competition, we’re proud that our products and programs will help these young athletes to soar to victory on the biggest stage in League of Legends.”

Hyperice began their journey in athlete recovery with an ice and compression sleeve in 2010, but they’ve since expanded into a holistic wellness brand with countless products in multiple categories. Their Hypervolt, Vyper, Venom, and Normatec lines began award-winning products, proving the evolution in technology has far surpassed the expectations of the company’s founder Anthony Katz could’ve anticipated.

The latest addition from Hyperice saw them obtain the mental wellness company Core – the third acquired within eighteen months, which will see its global launch in 2022. This third acquisition followed Hyperice’s Recover X launch and their Hyperice X reveal – the world’s first portable contrast therapy device. As the popularity of esports continues to progress at a rapid rate, companies such as Hyperice are revolutionizing the health sector of the sport and will continue to do so in the future.