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Riot Games and The League Championship Series Transform Esports

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Riot Games and The League Championship Series Transform Esports
Gabriela Ferreira, 19, plays League of Legends (LoL) during a game tactics class on May 06, 2021. Photo by Mauro Pimentel / AFP

LCS Game Changers will begin in September 2021 and its aim is to service all high-ranked Elo League of Legends (LoL) female players looking to become professionals in the esports world.

Riot Games has revealed the launch of a brand-new program, the LCS Game Changers, alongside the League Championship Series (LCS), will diversify and include the professional NA esports ecosystem.

The program will become the first of its kind and will assist high Elo LoL players who want to evolve their talents to the next level. They aim to train, support, and develop the skills into the amateur and professional leagues.

Players can apply via an LCS Game Changers application form, and signups are currently open. However, only residents from Canada and the United States are being accepted currently and you must be 13 years or older. The final selections begin on September 3rd, the event itself starts on September 27th and the last day concludes on October 8th.

Ten fortunate women will be chosen to participate in a two-week, fully remote event where they’ll be sectioned into teams. They will learn and adapt to all the fundamentals required to become a professional esports athlete with internal and external scrimmages. LCS coaches and analysts will be on-site to deliver a greater understanding of how they can improve.

Guest speakers from the industry will discuss topics like ‘A Life of a Pro’ and ‘Mental Resilience’. This will give the participants the tools required when transitioning into the next step of their esports career.

The NGO AfroReggae headquarters were transformed into an esports training center to develop athletes like Gabriela Ferreira, 19, and Thiago Pestana, 21. Photo by Mauro Pimentel / AFP

In an attempt to protect the identities and privacy of the participants, Riot Games will not live broadcast the event. Safety is the main goal, and this decision feels right.

Esports is a male-dominated scene, but now the LCS Game Changers will scout and train to assist women directly into the esports world.

Of course, it’s just the beginning, and there is a long way to go when diversifying esports, but this is a step in the right direction of a long road ahead. Women in professional esports are almost unheard of. Any steppingstones that expand this sector can be nothing other than positive.

It is widely known that women do not receive the same opportunities as men in esports, especially when it comes to professional or amateur.

The end goal isn’t to force situations but to build a stable and working foundation that can be a beacon of inspiration for future generations of women who want to become professional esports athletes. They’ll now have the roadmap to do it. And one way to achieve their goal is by removing the inequality between the opportunities given to both men and women.