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Madden Bowl 20 Recap and Predictions

The Madden Bowl 2020 takes center stage this weekend. Esports has seen tremendous growth over the years but with the current pandemic, Madden Bowl 20 participants have a unique chance to have the spotlight all to themselves with most other sports leagues on hold indefinitely.

Madden Bowl 20 Has Its Own Stadium

If someone were looking for evidence of the growth of Esports over the years, look no further than Pizza Hut Stadium. If you’re wondering what part of the country Pizza Hut Stadium is located, well the simple answer to that would be wherever Madden Bowl 20 is happening.

You see Pizza Hut Stadium is the first virtual stadium sponsorship deal. As a result, it is the official home of Madden Bowl 20. This is a milestone in the world of Esports. Make no mistake about it, we will have more partnerships like this between EA and other big-name brands in the world of online gaming.

Wild Card Round Matchups from Yesterday

As for this year’s edition of Madden Bowl, there were some exciting Wild Card games played last night with the Quarterfinals happening today. The Wild Card round kicked off with a great matchup with Madden Challenge winner Noah facing Wesley Gittens, who he beat in semifinals of the Madden Challenge on his way to winning the title.

Wesley, who is a five-year veteran of the competition was looking for revenge over Noah. This was a game of contrasting styles with Noah employing a run-heavy style with the Eagles against Wesley’s air attack featuring the Falcons.

From the get go it was all Noah who at 17 years old is the youngest player to ever win Madden Challenge. His running attack featuring Bo Jackson was simply unstoppable as he cruised to an easy 27-7 win. Another interesting matchup was Henry against ClefftheGod. In what some called the most anticipated matchup of day on social media, this was a game between two high powered offenses. Another youngster, Henry is probably the rookie of the year in the online Madden community if that were a thing.

The one weakness Henry has shown is mental mistakes in the clutch which is how he lost his last game. Unfortunately, history repeated itself for Henry. Up 10-3 with 20 secs left, Henry let ClefftheGod score a TD to tie the game then threw a picksix to lose the game 17-10.

Next up we had Pavan facing off with Millz who is one of the oldest players in the competition. Millz plays a unique blitz heavy style while still being able to cover deep effectively. It wasn’t enough to stop Pavan who put up 17 points which was enough to hold on for a 17-10 win. Finally, we had Drini facing Voltrax in a contest that had upset potential.

Drini is a former Madden Bowl winner while Voltrax has shown the offensive skills to be a real threat. That was not the case in this game as Drini dominated defensively on route to a 16-0 performance that other players in the field will surely be concerned about moving forward.

Madden Bowl 20 Predictions Moving Forward

We’ve got another rematch in the Quarterfinals with Drini meeting Joke who he defeated a few months ago in the Madden Club Championship semi final. As a former winner, Drini has to be seen as a favorite with his balanced overall game.

Experience is key in these high-pressure late rounds and Drini certainly has a lot of that. In another QF matchup, Young Kiv will take on Pavan. I give the edge here to Young Kiv who won Madden Bowl 18 and is third alltime in money earned at $263,500. While 19-year-old Pavan has shown promise, Young Kiv has way too much experience in this one.

The game between Lil Man and ClefftheGod seems like a toss up. Lil Man puts in a lot of work as evidenced by his 723 online ladder matches, the most in the competition. Meanwhile, ClefftheGod showed us what he can do in the Wild Card round with his late-game heroics. I’m going with ClefftheGod who proved that his 80.6%-win percentage which is the best in MCS history is no fluke.

Finally, we have DCroft matching up with Noah in what might be the best contest of the round. We have all seen what young Noah can do and DCroft is no slouch either. He proved in the Seattle club championships when he beat Young Kiv in the final. This one is very tough to call but I’m going with DCroft because I think that Noah is so run heavy that if he goes down, he will have a hard time coming back.

Moving forward, since we don’t know what matchups will take place, I will go ahead and predict my tournament winner. I’m going with Young Kiv who has shown that he has both the defense and offense to take on any and all competitors. His consistency on both sides of the ball means he is always a threat and I believe that will take him all the way to the title.

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