Madden 20 Sims Available for Today: Esports Picks and Predictions

With sports still on hiatus, Esports has picked up the slack by providing sports bettors something to keep them going. There are opportunities to cash in on some of the simulated games offered by various sportsbooks and today we’d like to go over some of those games for you.

Bookmaker Has a NFC Championship Rematch from Two Years Ago

When you think of rivalries in the NFL, we tend to think about teams competing in the same division. Those are the more traditional ones and that makes sense because those teams play each other twice a year every season without fail. The other way that rivalries usually form is through playoff matchups. The Ravens and Patriots don’t play in the same division but they’ve faced off in the playoffs enough times that they definitely don’t like each other. In the NFC, the Saints and the Rams don’t have that type of history but they do have a certain level of animosity. You see, the Rams went to the SuperBowl two seasons ago on the back of one of the worst calls in NFL history. While that doesn’t make for a traditional rivalry, it does make for an interesting matchup.

At, you can wager on the Saints versus Rams in a rematch of that game. The Saints are -3 (-123) favorites over the Rams and for good reason. The Rams took several steps back from the team that made it to the Super Bowl by missing the playoffs this past season. The Rams no longer have the elite running game they once did with all of the issues Gurley had with his health. Those issues led the team to make the decision to release a player that two years ago was considered an MVP candidate. In this specific simulation, I would lean Saints because of all of the moving parts for Los Angeles. Not only did they lose Gurley, but they also no longer have Aqib Talib or Marcus Peters. Meanwhile the Saints proved last season that they are simply one of the league’s best run franchises. They lost future Hall of Fame quarterback Drew Brees and barely skipped a beat.

Lamar Jackson #8 of the Baltimore Ravens (Madden 20)

MyBookie Has an Interesting AFC Battle

Over at, there is a great AFC matchup between two young teams as the Ravens do battle with the Bills. Mybookie has the spread at -7 (-115) with the updated rosters. I see value in the Bills at +7 if they are using updated rosters. First of all, we know what the Ravens do well and that’s running the football. We also know what the Bills calling card is and that’s defense. With the addition of Stefon Diggs on offense, I think the Bills have enough firepower to make this thing close. Remember, as good as MVP Lamar Jackson is with his feet, Josh Allen is one of the few QB’s in the league you can compare to him. Allen is one of the league’s most athletic players and has a cannon of an arm to go with that running ability. His decision making remains questionable but he really had very limited weapons at the wide receiver position. The addition of Diggs might really open things up for Allen and the rest of the Bills offense. I think the Raves win but the Bills hang around and cover the spread late.

The Texans Take on the Raiders at

Last season a lot of people wrote the Raiders off early for a variety of reasons. By the end of the year, the franchise that now resides in Las Vegas looked like a team on the rise. Make no mistake about it, the Raiders still have a ton of issues. They do however seem to be building an identity despite the fact that their franchise QB remains a complete enigma. Meanwhile the Houston Texans should be a team on the rise but the reality is, nobody seems to know what’s going on over there. Anytime you let De’Andre Hopkins leave for what seems like no real reason, you are a dysfunctional franchise. The Texans never seem to address their weaknesses and their offensive line continues to be a huge question mark. While they are clearly a better team than the Raiders today, nobody would be shocked to see that gap closed over the course of the coming season. As for this Madden simulation, the Texans are -2 (-125) at which tells you all you need to know about how oddsmakers view the current state of the Texans. I’m actually going to lean on the underdog Raiders in this spot with their solid running game and their clearly superior head coach.