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Madden 20 Celebrity Tournament Quarterfinals

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Madden 20 Celebrity Tournament Quarterfinals

The Madden 20 Celebrity Tournament is in the Quarterfinal stage with some interesting matchups. There are some experienced gamers left in the field and after round one, we have a better idea of who might advance to the semi-finals. The final is on April 26th so let’s break down these matchups to see if we can predict who will move on to the next round.

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Snoop Dogg vs. Daniel Cormier

This matchup is very interesting for a few different reasons. First of all, Snoop is probably the best Madden 20 player in the tournament. Snoop streams Madden online on a regular basis and even has his own league. He also talks about the fact that he’s been playing the game since the first edition. That means a lot of the players in this tournament weren’t even alive when Snoop Dogg first played Madden 20. With that in mind, he will be very motivated to beat Daniel Cormier for personal reasons. What personal reasons, you ask? Have a look at this clip:

That’s not the only time Snoop has let it be known that he isn’t a Cormier fan either. He has made fun of Cormier for crying in the ring and his fighting style amongst other things. We seriously doubt the hip hop icon would dare talk to Cormier like that face to face. When it comes to Madden 20 however, you’re walking into Snoop’s arena. The back and forth talk between these two might be as interesting as the game. As far as the actual matchup, it’s hard to judge Cormier’s skill level based on his first game. His defense looked solid and he also seemed to have a very good grasp of how to use the Saints. He is a Louisiana native so it’s not surprising he knows his hometown team. All of that being said, I’m not sure he has what it takes to beat the Doggfather. This matchup is personal for Snoop and I think he treats this like a final.

Winner: Snoop Dogg

Melvin Gordon vs. Hollywood Brown

This should be an entertaining matchup with Melvin Gordon being so unpredictable. You see Gordon doesn’t just play Madden 20 in silence. He likes to talk…a lot! He makes side bets during the game and just likes to chirp in general to try and throw his opponents off. That’s probably just fine with Hollywood Brown who is not shy either. He is probably the best Madden 20 player of all the NFL athletes left in the field based on what we’ve seen from him in the past. First of all, he’s one of the youngest participants in the tournament which is usually an advantage. Younger people tend to me more in tune with video games and having just left college last year, you can bet he has a lot of hours under his belt. Gordon will try to distract the youngster with his random tactics but in the end, it won’t get him a win. I think the overall skill that Brown showed in his 43-14 beat down of rapper YG in the first round shows that he should be considered one of the tournament favorites along with Snoop.

Winner: Hollywood Brown

DeAndre Hopkins vs. Chris Weidman

It’ll be interesting to see how much trash talking Weidman brings to this contest. He is not shy when it comes to running his mouth and he has already claimed to be the best Madden player in the UFC. I’m not sure how much weight that holds but he has said that he is a veteran of the game. For some reason there is no footage of Weidman’s first round win and curiously, it’s the only one I can’t find a score for. So I went digging for any proof that Weidman is as good as he says. The evidence I found was not good at all:

Not only did he lose 12-2, the 2 points were a pity move by his opponent who ran the ball out of the back of his own end zone on purpose. Meanwhile, DeAndre Hopkins showed some real skill in his 32-14 win over Lil Yachty. I don’t see how Weidman can possibly win after watching that brutal YouTube clip.

Winner: DeAndre Hopkins

Diggs Family vs. Katie Nolan

This is probably going to be a very straightforward win for the Diggs family. There is some kind of tournament loophole that apparently allows the Diggs family to have more than one representative. In the first round, it was Trevon Diggs, a cornerback for the Alabama Crimson Tide. He is of course the younger brother of Stefon Diggs who was traded to the Buffalo Bills this off season. You should expect to see both brothers in the NFL this season as Trevon is expected to be drafted in the first round. In terms of who will beat Katie Nolan, I’m not sure it matters. While it might seem like I’m disrespecting Nolan, if you watch the highlights of her matchup with Pat McAfee, you hear them both basically admit they have only played the game one time. Two career Madden 20 games will get you a win against another novice, but in this tournament, it’s going to get her a quarterfinals beating by one of the Diggs brothers.

Winner: Diggs Family

These results would make for some very competitive semi-final games. If my predictions go as planned, we would get DeAndre Hopkins vs Hollywood Brown in one semi-final and Snoop vs Diggs family in the other. All of these guys are experienced players which should make for an exciting final on Sunday no matter who advances