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How To Bet FIFA Esports

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How To Bet FIFA Esports

For more betting opportunities, consider the lucrative world of Fifa Esports. Read on for a breakdown plus all the important tips to get you started.

What is FIFA

FIFA is the world’s most popular soccer video game franchise. Every year, it comes out with a new installment that sells millions of copies to millions of different players. This year’s installment is titled Fifa 20. It is this version of the game that you’ll want to be familiar with.

What is FIFA Esports 

Some of the millions who play this game form a global community where they compete against each other FIFA entices players who compete at every level. But it’s the top players who sportsbooks are interested in. These top players form a part of a number of different leagues.

Taking a gander at Sportsbook Review, which is the best sportsbook for FIFA eSports, you’ll see the following leagues in action for tomorrow: La Liga, Champions League, Elite League, and Premier League. You’ll also see the name of the player listed next to the name of the club that he’ll be controlling.

Raheem Sterling, FIFA 20

FIFA 20’s Realism

One reason why FIFA is supremely popular is its realism. It’s important to understand this level of realism for betting purposes. FIFA has a licensing agreement with just about every club. This agreement allows FIFA to use the club’s name, its logo, and its players. So, when you see the relevant betting odds posted, you’ll see club names and the odds, much like you would in real life.

One neat thing that may entice you is something that is not realistic. The games are very quick. The stats still end up being realistic. But FIFA is constructed to last only a very short period of time — a game takes perhaps 15 minutes. I personally find the short duration refreshing. I get a quick fix and if I want more action then there are so many more games to bet on.

How To Bet 

If you don’t have an account with Sportsbook Review, you can still preview their set-up. It’s really nicely organized in the following way: You can see the results of previous games — listed under a given day. Under “Early Markets”, you can see tomorrow’s odds punctually posted. You can also see what is happening live and what will happen later today. What is really neat about betting on Fifa eSports is how interactive it is. Sportsbook Review provides a live feed. For live events, you can click on the video camera and be taken to Twitch.

Twitch is a website where you can register for free. You don’t need to register in order to watch the games. But if you want to take advantage of the chatroom, then you need to register. The chatroom allows you to talk with different viewers. These viewers may be able to offer you insight into the specific FIFA 20 players. You can exchange betting tips or enjoy the company while you sweat out your Esports bets. Being multilingual helps!

Kevin De Bruyne, FIFA 20

Betting Tips 

FIFA 20’s realism is nice because it allows new Esports bettors to initiate themselves quickly. Even if you’ve never played FIFA before, you may know and, thanks to the amazing graphics, recognize the players on the pitch.

The makers of FIFA create the players as realistically as possible. So players have different attributes that receive a score from 1 to 99. In looking at these scores, you’ll find that, just like in real life, Kevin De Bruyne is a superb passer. Eden Hazard is extremely pacey. 

With the Frostbite system that was introduced in 2017, much of what happens on the pitch is not up to the player playing the game. But that does not entail randomness. The FIFA player may not control the goalkeeper, for example. But, like in real life, his keeper will have a relatively good chance of making nice saves if his keeper is Manuel Neuer.

Of course, this is a video game. So, to gain a greater edge, I have two tips.

One, get to know the FIFA player. Watch him play to get a feel for his playing style. But even if you don’t scout the FIFA players, be sure to pay attention to his formation and to his lineup. Is his formation aggressive? Does he have his pacier players on the pitch? Answering these sorts of questions will help you gain a greater feel for the match-up beyond the FIFA player ratings.

Two, play the game yourself. Each game is a bit different and has its own emphases. FIFA 17, for example, was famous for favoring pace. Players benefitted competitively simply by stacking their lineups with pacey players. Again, you don’t need to do too much homework here. But watch out for tendencies specific to this year’s installment in order to become a sharper capper.


So, I get that some people may be prejudiced against a video game. But you see that FIFA 20 offers really stimulating capping opportunities thanks to its realism and the personal element generated by the FIFA players themselves. FIFA Esports is also unique because its games are quick, the number of bettable games is massive, and the betting experience is as interactive as you want it to be. Be sure to if you haven’t already.