Dota 2 in-Game Purchases: What Should You Buy?

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Dota 2 in-Game Purchases: What Should You Buy?
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When Dota 2 enthusiasts are presented with over 200 items to purchase, it can become overwhelming when figuring out which items should be brought. If Dota 2 weren’t tricky enough, developers would provide players with a wide range of purchasable items that assist their gameplay. Have no fear, as we’re going to break down which items you should be looking at first.

Expensive upgrades, consumables, and essential stat items have swarmed the in-game store; as most heroes have a pre-set build to fulfill their objectives in the game, players should attempt to optimize all of their inventory slots effectively. However, as most games in Dota 2 are pretty diverse, it becomes problematic when deciding which items should be brought.

How the Items Help

Items in Dota 2 each have a purpose; understanding what they can help you achieve is essential to know before purchasing.

Below we’ll list the corresponding goals that Dota 2 players are presented with, making your understanding of the items more transparent. Bear in mind, the goals intertwine, and most items can deliver multiple purposes.

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Players will stumble across several methods to increasing their offensive damage: increased attack speed, adding pure damage, and increasing primary attributes. Most importantly, considering most late-game damage items deliver additional effects.

The effects are known as attack modifiers, and the suitable modifier can make a considerable difference in certain games. Desolator is a mid-game item that helps versus high-armour targets. Monkey King Bar counterattacks evasions whilst providing a raise in raw damage on high-amour targets.

Games requiring more raw damage post three different choices worth paying attention to. For the heroes with greater attack speed and base damage, Daedalus would be the best choice. But for those seeking maximum raw damage, Divine Rapier could be worth the risk.

Bloodthorn is an item that gives valuable stats for anyone; it’s a great utility with its point-targeted silence, plus a damage boost through critical procs.


Utility items are nothing other than gap fillers. Are your enemies overly mobile? You’ll be requiring a Rod of Atos. Are you faced with major buff and teams without innate dispels? Diffusal Blade and Nullifier will help you out.


Movement is the core gameplay in Dota 2; with this information, we should heighten everything else. This involves farming because a carry can flash-farm quicker if they get one from a neutral camp to another faster.

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The two focuses of mobility, despite being relative to the enemy: chasing and kiting. Anything that gives movement speed can be a mobility item, the headmost of them being assorted kinds of boots.

With a Swift Blink upgrade, in particular, the Blink Dagger will give more than just movement speed.


The simple method to expand survivability is by increasing Effective HP.

Collecting multiple health items isn’t nearly as effective as gaining a good balance between armour and health; the only other caution knows that armour’s diminishing returns at high values. 30-35 armour is a decent level of damage

For Dota 2 heroes that own high-agility and gain good amour naturally, stacking health is essential. The best examples stem from a Reaver: Heart of Tarrasque, Satanic, and Overwhelming Blink.

Alternative ways of survivability involve surviving magic damage or avoiding damage altogether. Many items do grant survivability, such as Glimmer Cape, Pipe of Insight, and Guardian Greaves.

Engagement and Disengagement

Infiltrating enemy formation when they’re attempting to get spells can be assisted with these items. The most iconic initiation item in all of Dota 2 is the Blink Dagger. A Force Staff can also grant a similar initiation.

Initiation items allow players to avoid being impeded when navigating a team fight. Shadow Blade will give the potential for a surprise initiation.

Every engagement item in Dota 2 provides mobility, and they can be used to disengage in most cases.