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CS:GO DreamHack Masters Winter Europe Picks

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CSGO Rumour Mill vs. HLTV Confirmed

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Two packed days of counter-strike have yet to bring the profits. A lot of close drops on Monday compounded with a handful of overtime, double overtime, triple-overtime losses and so on with none breaking my way…so far. The two biggest surprises so far was Godsent’s upset over Astralis and Gambit’s win against Complexity. It wasn’t so much that they won, but rather the manner in which it occurred.

Astralis worked out a 10-5 CT hold on Godsent’s choice of Train before being held to just two T rounds in the second half. They rounded out their own pick, Dust2, dominantly with a 12-3 attack and we were one a piece. Things started rather well on the decider, Nuke, posting eight rounds on the more difficult terrorist end. And all that despite being broken in the second round. However moving to their stronger side we saw the Danes breakdown completely at the hands of, mostly, Emi and Zehn. Astralis only converted three rounds on the defence of their historical best map.

In the Complexity series we saw the CIS squad absolutely crush this ‘juggernaut.’ Gambit ran them over on their own pick of Train, posting a 10-5 T-side, followed by another dominant attack on Col’s pick of Mirage, 12-3. A lot of things have to go wrong for a team with this much talent to post a result like this, even against a somewhat overlooked opponent like Gambit. Either that or, perhaps, an off-day… which is kind of where I lean. This was Complexity’s worst loss in two months going back to when they faced Astralis. The key difference was they were then playing with stand-in Natosaphix.

Tomorrow we have a couple of heavyweights from the 2019 LAN circuit. Thanks to Team Liquid making the trip across the Atlantic they will face their long-time nemesis, Astralis. They played nine best-of-threes against each other last year with the Danes picking up seven. Considering the price in most of them that was a pretty poor result for TL. We also have a rematch between another America’s squad in Furia going head to head with G2. I like the number once more on the Brazilians so we’ll see if they can pull off a better result!


Dreamhack Masters
-astralis -3.5 v liquid @ -105
-astralis -3.5 v liquid @ -115
-astralis -3.5 v liquid @ -110

-mousesports -3.5 v godsent @ -105
-mousesports -3.5 v godsent @ -120
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-nemiga ml v north @ -145

-furia ml v g2 @ -110

-chaos -4.5 v rebirth @ -115
-chaos -4.5 v rebirth @ -140
-chaos -4.5 v rebirth @ -120
-teamone -3.5 v mythic @ -120
-teamone -3.5 v mythic @ -145
-teamone -3.5 v mythic @ -115

-envy +1.5 v mad lions @ -150
-envy ml v mad lions @ +200
-dignitas +1.5 v og @ -110
-dignitas ml v og @ +300
-dignitas/og o26.5 @ +105
-dignitas/og o26.5 @ +105
-dignitas/og o26.5 @ +105


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