Another Saturday in the DPC

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Another Saturday in the DPC
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Psych. Went to sleep super early last night thinking of all the incredible plays my teams were going to do Saturday afternoon as they battled for glory as Radiant or Dire. Woke up to remember there are no Upper Division DPC games today. What the hell Adam!

I should have your lifetime TI dream revoked for such an error. So apologies to those reading this that thought they were going to be privy to some underground Dota circuit matches that all the ‘fixed-game’ scammers inundate your Twitter dm’s with. Oh its only me that falls for them eh? It’s just…they always seem so damn confident!

‘Adam you could have just changed the title and avoided this entire monologue’

I am a self-taught WordPress noob – implementing and/or altering titles is like Level 20 shit.

Anyway I did post some Dota this morning for the EU Div2 tiebreakers. These are the best of the best outside of all the clubs you’ve become familiar with for most of the past year.

The other thing that I wanted to bring up was the Astralis CT sides on all three maps yesterday…or lack thereof. In short, it was impatient and passive (yes it can be both), and disjointed. There were rounds on all three maps where I thought – this looks like grade c, we don’t know how to play as a team but we are learning, defences. Why are players pushing through smokes with submachine guns when a teammate hasn’t flashed for you. Why are you not setting up very reliable crossfires in the bomb sites. If you’re setting up a B stack, wait until you have contact, throw a flash and then all peek.

The most telling thing for me was when a buddy in the discord made a comment that Yekindar was S1mple 2.0. Even if you strongly disagree, which we all do let’s be honest, Astralis is the primary reason S1mple has never won a major. Through his entire reign as the best player on the planet, he has had to go up against the best team Counter-Strike has ever seen.

The Danes have said in interviews, again and again, they do not fear the Ukrainian because they believe they know to isolate him. And they are not being cocky. Astralis is one of two teams the GOAT has a negative rating against at majors, which of course is not unique to only him, but is something that separates Astralis to Simple…or maybe 2.0 here just can’t be stopped by such feeble thing as ‘utility’.

So what is the point I am making here? This obviously:

Astralis has never had the best player and yet we are still in their era until the next major. They have this distinction because they have been a meta-defining, rigorous wall that has had the best CT sides for years. Of course, they are allowed to have dips in performance as well and that is what we saw yesterday. While being on Spirit and against Virtus Pro in their last two series I was actually about equally unimpressed with their performance over all three maps of yesterday’s series, yes including Train, as their 16-1 loss to Degster and co a week prior.

The most telling round for me in that final map was round 18 when Yekindar got the 4k. He took 0 damage while killing four Danes. The only kill that should happen if Astralis is playing their quality is that first. Instead of Device trying to trade it, Magisk even threw a flash for him to re-peek, Device ran back into the site.

So now you have wasted a flash leaving the CT’s with one remaining nade on A-site, a smoke, which Magisk drops 10 seconds later. The round is not yet lost here however, that occurs when Xp9x decides to elephant stomp his way into library with a mac10. This would have been the perfect time for a CT to flash for him to peek for the wrap side and allow the remaining two CT’s, both stuck on the site to focus all towards short.

Anyway I love the number we got on Astralis yesterday even if their play was not indicative of that value. Alright let’s get to today’s esports action!


StarCraft 2

  • Dark ml v Reynor @ -125
  • Rogue ml v Maru @ -115
  • Ty ml v Parting @ +120
  • Zest ml v Clem @ -115


  • Gambit ml v Spirit @ +100
  • Liquid ml v Virtus Pro @ +125

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