Who Will Have More Passing & Rushing Touchdowns in the Pac-12?

David Lawrence

Sunday, August 17, 2014 2:55 PM UTC

Sunday, Aug. 17, 2014 2:55 PM UTC

The three best quarterbacks in the Pac-12 Conference are going to put up strong numbers this season. There’s just no other way to say it. 

Thankfully, Bovada keeps their finger on the pulse for these types of things and have posted some props on which of these three stats monsters will have the biggest year. We’ve handicapped their odds and have ranked them ourselves. Here’s how they should finish in terms of combined passing and rushing touchdowns.

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1. Marcus Mariota, Oregon Ducks

Odds To Lead Pac-12 In Passing & Rushing Yards: +100
The thing about Mariota is that he’s the fastest quarterback of the three. UCLA’s Brett Hundley and Arizona State’s Taylor Kelly are very fast in their own right, but Mariota has an extra gear which can make him that much more of a threat from any place on the field at any time in a game. Mariota is not the best passer of the three, and that’s a reason to bet against him here, but Oregon’s offense has so much speed at running back, more than what UCLA and Arizona State have. This speed on the part of his teammates makes Mariota’s job comparatively easier. Mariota is able to throw for touchdowns not because he has such a good arm (he doesn’t), but because his receivers get wide open and take advantage of defenses’ attempts to stop Oregon’s rushing attack. The workings of the Oregon offense as a whole are likely to give Mariota a very high touchdown total. 


2. Taylor Kelly, Arizona State Sun Devils

Odds To Lead Pac-12 In Passing & Rushing Yards: +125
The important detail to note about Kelly is that he will be playing on an Arizona State team that has lost several very important defensive players from last season. The Sun Devils will be the most imbalanced team in the Pac-12 in terms of the gap between the defense and the offense. The offense will have to do so much because the defense won’t be able to do much of anything. Because of the need to keep up with an opponent in a shootout, Kelly is probably going to find himself involved in a lot of 42-35 or 41-38 kinds of games. This is going to boost his overall touchdown numbers, and it will make him showcase his skills to a greater extent than a lot of casual fans might expect. Kelly is a solid passer but a better runner. He is a poor man’s version of what Mariota has become. He’ll score a lot because he has to. Mariota might score a lot just because Oregon is so strong.


3. Brett Hundley, UCLA Bruins

Odds To Lead Pac-12 In Passing & Rushing Yards: +125
UCLA is in a better spot than Arizona State in the Pac-12 South, because it is more balanced between offense and defense. The Bruins are going to win games because of what they can do on both sides of the ball, not just offense. Oregon and Arizona State lean more to their offenses, and that’s probably why Hundley is going to finish third in terms of overall touchdowns in this race with Mariota and Kelly. However, Hundley might be the best bet of the three to win the passing touchdown competition. Hundley has the best arm of these quarterbacks, and so if opposing defenses against Oregon and Arizona State are able to take away the Ducks’ and Sun Devils’ rushing games, Hundley could sneak in and win this touchdown battle with Kelly and Mariota.

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