Week 12 Line Moves to Consider for Your College Football Picks

Chris Andrews

Friday, November 20, 2015 8:29 PM UTC

Friday, Nov. 20, 2015 8:29 PM UTC

We look at the biggest college football line moves over the week. There's always a lot of jostling off the opening line as the sportsbooks look for the right number for their college football odds.

College Football Picks
317 Air Force/318 Boise State- Boise started out as a 13.5 point favorite. Public and sharp money has all been on the dog. Boise is now all the way down to -11 and even lower in some spots.


323 Georgia Southern/324 Georgia- The public is on Georgia, but all the sharp money is on the dog here. Lots of trouble for the Bulldogs, and now they face a hungry up and coming team. Georgia opened -15, now down to -13.5 on the college football odds board.


335 South Alabama/336 Georgia State- Georgia State opened pick em, but it has been all Georgia State from mostly the wiseguys. The public is slightly on South Alabama. In spite of that, Georgia State is up to -3.


339 Wake Forest/340 Clemson- Clemson opened -31, but some sharp money has been on the dog. Clemson is now down to -29.


341 Western Kentucky/342 Florida Int’l- Western Ky opened -15, public and sharp money on the favorite pushed it up to -17.


343 LSU/344 Mississippi- Ole Miss opened -4, wiseguys came in on the favorite and took up to -6.5 in a swift move yesterday.


353 North Carolina/354 Va Tech- No Carolina opened -6, went up to -6.5 as people all of a sudden realized how good UNC is, then wiseguys came in on Va Tech with their college football picks and took it down to 5 or 5.5.


355 Northwestern/356 Wisconsin- Wisconsin opened -11, some sharp money came on the dog, though not a huge move. Wisco down to -10.


359 Mississippi State/360 Arkansas- Arkansas opened -3.5, combination of public and sharp pushed up to -4.5 and -5.


363 Navy/364 Tulsa- Navy opened -10.5, but everyone, sharps and public are all over Navy. Navy now up to -12.5 and -13.


365 Georgia Tech/366 Miami, Fla- Miami, Fla opened -1, but sharp money came in on Ga Tech, put them up to -2.


367 Tennessee/368 Missouri- Tennessee opened -9, but money came in on Missouri. Lots going on in Missouri, the latest concerning the health of head coach Gary Pinkel. Tennessee now -7.


369 Baylor/370 Oklahoma State- Ok State opened -1, went to pick em. Baylor QB Stidham might not be as healthy as hoped, Ok State back to -1.


371 Michigan State/372 Ohio State- Ohio State opened -12.5, now up to -14 on sharp money. Public is on Mich State.


375 Michigan/376 Penn State- Michigan opened -5, wiseguys and some public money came in on PSU. Michigan now down to -3.5.


381 Iowa State-382 Kansas State- K State opened -6. Now at -6 or -5.5, with the public on K State and some sharp money on the dog.


383 Nevada/384 Utah State- Utah State opened -14, sharp money pushed it up to -15.


385 California/386 Stanford- Stanford opened -12, some sharp money showed for the dog. Stanford now -11.


389 New Mexico/390 U La La- U La La opened -13, public and wiseguys all over the chalk. U La La up to -17.


393 Washington/394 Oregon State- Washington opened -16, wiseguys money on the dog, down to -15.


397 UCLA/398 Utah- This one is bouncing back and for the between Utah -2 and -3, now at Utah -2.


399 Texas A&M/400 Vanderbilt- A&M opened -7.5 and -7, now down to -6.5 on public and sharp man.


405 Idaho/406 Auburn- Auburn opened -31, now up to -34 as wiseguys figure Auburn has finally found someone they can beat up.


407 Notre Dame/408 Boston College- ND opened -17, wiseguys on the dog. ND now down to 15.


409 USC/410 Oregon- Oregon opened -3.5, sharp and public money on Oregon, now up to -4.5.


411 La Tech/412 UTEP- La Tech opened -23, now up to -24.5 on mostly public money.


413 Purdue/414 Iowa- Iowa opened -19.5, now up to 22.5 on public and sharp money.


415 San Diego State/416 UNLV- San Diego State opened 12.5. The whole world is on SD St. Now up to -16.

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