Wednesday's Line Moves to Consider When Placing Your College Football Picks

Chris Andrews

Wednesday, October 21, 2015 7:50 PM UTC

Wednesday, Oct. 21, 2015 7:50 PM UTC

Follow all major college football line moves from the past 24 hours on our Daily Line Move Log.

College Football
305 Georgia Southern/306 Appalachian State- Money continues to come in on App State. Some -6.5 is starting to show up while almost all the -5.5 is gone. App State is turning into an excellent betting proposition in their second year as an FBS team.


306 Temple/307 East Carolina- There is some wiseguy money on East Carolina that took the line up to -3, but there isn’t enough to take it higher. Also, there is plenty of public money for Temple. As of now it looks like the number will jockey between East Carolina -2.5 and -3. Of course there is often a big move on these Thursday games, so we’ll have to see what happens tomorrow.


309 California/310 UCLA- The public has now started coming in on UCLA. The line hasn’t moved much, maybe a little juice money around the -3 or -3.5, but public sentiment seems to have turned to the favorite.


311 Memphis/ 312 Tulane- There was some Memphis -10 around yesterday but they are all gone as of now. Mostly public on the favorite, but any sharp bettors who saw it laid it as well, figuring the number is headed up and there might be the chance they could do something with it later in the week.


337 Tulane/338 Navy- The Navy money is starting to accumulate from the public, meanwhile some sharp bettors are getting head of the move and laying -23 where it exists. Not a big move as yet, but navy -23 is disappearing fast.


339 Wyoming/340 Boise- Bettors scooped up the last of Boise -34.5 this afternoon. This has been bet up steadily from the start when it opened Boise -31.5. No stopping it yet. Lord knows Boise has blown out plenty of teams in similar spots.


391 Auburn/392 Arkansas- Public money starting to come in strongly on Arkansas. Most of the Arkansas -5.5 is evaporating. I see a few strays here and there but Ark-6 is easily the predominant number. If you like the favorite, I would bet it now. The number looks like it is headed up.

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