Updated BC Championship Odds - How To Exploit Short and Long Shot Picks

Kevin Stott

Friday, August 26, 2016 6:30 PM UTC

Friday, Aug. 26, 2016 6:30 PM UTC

The 2016 College Football season kicks off this Friday night with California playing Hawaii in the Sydney Cup. Let’s look at the updated BC Championship Game winner odds and offer up a short-shot and longshot NCAAF picks.

NCAAF CFB Championship Game Odds (To Win)—Westgate LV SuperBook (August 17)

Alabama Crimson Tide 6/1 (Open: 6/1, Jan. 12)
Clemson Tigers 7/1 (7/1)
Ohio State Buckeyes 8/1 (10/1)
Florida State Seminoles 7/1 (15/1)
 LSU Tigers 8/1 (15/1)
Michigan Wolverines 8/1 (15/1)
Oklahoma Sooners 10/1 (7/1)
Tennessee Volunteers 12/1 (15/1)
Notre Dame Fighting Irish 20/1 (15/1)
Georgia Bulldogs 25/1 (30/1)
Stanford Cardinal 25/1 (20/1)
TCU Horned Frogs 30/1 (30/1)
USC Trojans 30/1 (60/1)
Washington Huskies 30/1 (40/1)
Michigan State Spartans 40/1 (20/1)
Baylor Bears 50/1 (12/1)
Florida Gators 50/1 (50/1)
Oregon Ducks 50/1 (40/1)
Louisville Cardinals 60/1 (60/1)
Iowa Hawkeyes 60/1 (100/1)
UCLA Bruins 60/1 (30/1)
Houston Cougars 80/1 (100/1)
Oklahoma State Cowboys 80/1 (40/1)
North Carolina Tar Heels 100/1 (100/1)
Texas A&M Aggies 100/1 (100/1)|

Fresh Championship Odds from SuperBook Shows Some Steam on USC, Kansas State, Fade of California
The odds for the 2017 College Football Championship Game have been up at the Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook here in Sin City since January 12, let’s take a look at where the money has gone from January to August in this market with the big name teams from the ACC, SEC, Big Ten and Big 12 conferences atop the odds board and a large number of teams available for Futures Book betting who have absolutely no chance to realistically win, let alone get to the 4-team College Football Playoff (CFP) Championship Game. So if you are betting with emotions or for your own college or university, remember that when going in.

There is nothing wrong with having a Futures Book (Outright) bet on Northwestern at 500/1 (Opened 1,000/1, Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook) or on Kansas State at 300/1 (Opened 1,000/1, Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook), but just know what you are really up against heading in.

This isn’t the NCAA Basketball where 68 teams and schools from every conference make it to the Big Dance and have a chance to actually play for the national championship. Only four teams get there and in the two years in which NCAAF has had this relatively new College Football Playoff Division I Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) system (2014, 2015), only teams from the ACC (2), SEC (2), Big Ten (2), Pac-12 (1) and Big 12 (1) have made the NCAA Football Final Four with perennial SEC powerhouse Alabama (6/1 to win BC Championship, Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook) making it to both CFP Playoffs.


Five College Football teams whose price has been bet down at the SuperBook from an opening 1,000/1 to 500/1 are Missouri, Northwestern, San Diego State, South Florida and QB Patrick Mahomes (30/1 to win Heisman Trophy, Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook) and Texas Tech, while electric WR Juju Smith-Schuster (80/1 to win Heisman Trophy, Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook) and USC are currently at 30/1 after opening up at 60/1 while Pac-12 conference-mates Arizona State has seen its college football opening odds of 100/1 to win the national title be raised all the way to 500/1 with Utah being raised from its opening odds of 60/1 to 100/1. Baylor has seen its odds rise to 50/1 from an opening 12/1 over the L8 months with both Sharp and General Public bettors wanting no part of the Bears and QB Seth Russell, whose odds to win the Heisman Trophy this season have gone to 40/1 from an opening 12/1 (Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook) on punter pessimism. And that isn't the 4th Down Punter, Bubba.

Teams who saw their odds rise (drift) significantly to 1,000/1 have been aforementioned California (Opened 300/1), Duke (Opened 500/1), NC State (Opened 500/1), South Carolina (Opened 300/1) and Virginia (Opened 500/1). Utah State and Rutgers are the two biggest current long-shots at the SuperBook in this marketplace after seeing their odds double from an opening 1,000/1 to a current 2,000/1. No need to say buyer beware here, the college football pick seems logical.

Here are all of the latest NCAA Division I FBS College Football Championship (CFB) odds from over at the futuristically remodeled SuperBook with the school’s Opening odds in parentheses.


Free 2016 BC Championship Game Winner Short-shot Pick:  Alabama 6/1 (Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook)

Free 2016 BC Championship Game Winner Long-shot Pick:  Washington 30/1 (Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook)

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