Tuesday's Notable Line Moves for You College Football Picks

Chris Andrews

Tuesday, November 24, 2015 7:47 PM UTC

Tuesday, Nov. 24, 2015 7:47 PM UTC

All the college football moves of the past 24 hours. Catch all the moves off the opening line on the college football odds board, and who is behind them right here.

College Football
101 Bowling Green/102 Ball State- BG opened -21 went up to -23 on public and sharp money. Now some sharp money has come in on the dog +23. BG now anywhere from -22 to -23.


103 Ohio/104 Northern Illinois- No surprise as the public is on NIU. Opened -13, now a little bump up to -13.5.


117 Iowa/118 Nebraska- This is likely to be the biggest public/wiseguy split of the week. The public is on Iowa bug, while the wiseguys are on Nebraska. So far wiseguys are dictating the market. Iowa opened -2.5, now down to -2 or -1.5.


119 Miami, Fla/120 Pitt- Pitt opened -5.5, now up to -6 and -6.5 on mostly public money. Miami will get a break in the weather. Highs are predicted to be in the 60’s on Friday in Pittsburgh.


127 Western Michigan/128 Toledo- Toledo opened -9. Wiseguys have come in on the dog, taking Toledo down to -8 on the college football odds board.


135 Tulsa/136 Tulane- Tulsa opened -6, went up to -6.5, but some sharp money has come in on Tulane +6.5. Tulsa now back to -6.


139 Oregon State/140 Oregon- Oregon opened -33.5, now up to -34.5 and -35. Mostly public money, but no wiseguys have stepped in with their college football picks to take value on the big plus.


145 Ohio State/146 Michigan- This one has been all over the place, even the openers. I saw either side open at -2.5, depending where you were looking. Michigan money has carried the market so far. I see the line anywhere from Mich -1 to -2. The public is pretty split so far. Wiseguys too, depending on the number.


147 U La La/148 Appalachian State- App State opened -21, now up to -23 on mostly public money.


167 Vanderbilt/168 Tennessee- Tennessee opened -16.5, now up to -17 and -17.5. Not just public money, plenty of sharp money along with it.


177 BYU/178 Utah State- BYU opened -2.5, has gone to -3 on mostly public money. Some sharps getting ahead of the move, though, as well.


179 Virginia Tech/180 Virginia- Va Tech opened -4, wiseguys have come in on the dog. Tech now -3.5.


181 North Carolina/182 NC State- UNC opened -7, since then it has been a steady attack from sharp money on NC State. UNC now almost all -6.


187 Florida State/188 Florida- Pinnacle opened this Florida -3, now Fla St is -1.5 or -2.  Tons of injuries for Florida. Wiseguys will step in at some point, I’m just not sure where yet.


197 Alabama/198 Auburn- Bama opened -13, now up to -13.5 and -14. Public money, but some sharp money getting ahead of the move, too.


207 Clemson/208 South Carolina- Clemson opened -17.5, then this line has been all over the place. Up as high -18.5, but there is definitely some strong opposition from wiseguys. It doesn’t look like they are going to let this one get out of hand. This would make South Carolina’s season if they could beat their in-state rival and possibly prevent them from the college football playoff. Clemson now mostly -17.


225 UCLA/226 USC- USC opened -3, but lots of sharp money of USC while the public is on UCLA. USC now up to -3.5.

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