Thursday's Line Moves Worth Analyzing Before Placing Your College Football Picks

Chris Andrews

Thursday, October 29, 2015 6:15 PM UTC

Thursday, Oct. 29, 2015 6:15 PM UTC

We look at the biggest college football moves of the past 24 hours. There's always a lot of jostling off the opening line as bookmakers try to find the right number for their college football odds.

College Football
103 North Carolina/104 Pitt- Some wiseguy money came in this morning on Pitt +3. UNC now -2 or -2.5 on the college football odds board. The public is mostly split.


109 Texas State/110 Georgia Southern- Nothing big just yet, but starting to see a little sharp money show up on the dog. Ga Southern still -21, but -20.5 is springing up here and there.


111 West Virginia/112 TCU- Wiseguys took WVU +14 this morning. Public is still firmly in the TCU camp. TCU -13 now.


121 Wyoming/122 Utah State- Some sharp money came in on Wyoming +28. It wasn’t the real big money movers, since it only dropped half a point. Maybe it was Weekend Warriors. (Yes, we’re on the dog.) Utah St now -27.5.


125 Marshall/126 Charlotte- Wiseguys came in on Charlotte this morning. They took +18.5, and it moved quickly and dramatically to Marshall -16.5 and -17.


145 Arizona/146 Washington- Washington opened -4.5 today. It looks like QB Jake Browning will be a game time decision for Washington.


151 Georgia/152 Florida- Florida is jockeying between -2.5 and -3. Sharp players on both sides, depending on the number.


153 USC/154 California- Sharp money showed on Cal +6 this morning. USC is now -5.5.


159 Oklahoma State/160 Texas Tech- Sharp money is on Texas Tech +3. Oklahoma State is now -2.5.


163 Texas/164 Iowa State- Sharp money came in on Iowa State +6.5 and even +6. Texas is now -5.5 and -6, depending on the shop.


165 Illinois/166 Penn State- Sharp money came in on Illinois +5.5 this morning. Penn State is down to -4.5.


187 Texas San Antonio/188 North Texas- Money has come in on North Texas +8.5 now that UTSA QB Blake Bogenschults is doubtful on Saturday. UTSA now -7.5. Even playing a team without a quarterback, there isn’t a landslide of support with college football picks for North Texas.


189 Miami, Fla/190 Duke- The game opened Duke -7. The firing of head coach Al Golden didn’t mean much, but QB Brad Kaaya being out certainly did. Duke quickly went to -10 and now up to -11.


203 Colorado/204 UCLA- Money showed up on UCLA -21, now all the way up to -23 in some places, though some lower numbers do exist.

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