Thursday's Line Moves to Consider for Your College Football Picks

Chris Andrews

Thursday, November 19, 2015 8:32 PM UTC

Thursday, Nov. 19, 2015 8:32 PM UTC

In this article we analyze the biggest college football line moves of the past 24 hours. There's always a lot of jostling off the opening line as sportsbooks try to find the right number for their college football odds.

College Football Picks
317 Air Force/318 Boise State- More money, sharp and public, on Air Force. Boise drops from -12.5 to -11.5.


323 Georgia Southern/324 Georgia- Not a huge move, but some sharp money has come in on Ga Southern +14. Georgia now -13.5.


329 Indiana/330 Maryland- Not a huge move, but the Indiana +3 is just about gone. Maryland is now -2.5 on the college football odds board.


343 LSU/344 Mississippi- Big move from the wise guys this morning on Mississippi. The move started at Ole Miss -4, followers climbed the ladder pushing Ole Miss up to -6.5.


353 North Carolina/354 Virginia Tech- Lots of wiseguy money has come in on Va Tech. It will be head coach Frank Beamer’s last home game and sharp bettors are expecting a big effort from the Hokies.


367 Tennessee/368 Missouri- Sharp money came in on Missouri. The move started at +9, then yesterday they took +8.5, +8 and +7.5. Pretty much anything over 7.


369 Baylor/370 Oklahoma State- Baylor head coach Art Briles said his quarterback Jarrett Stidham, has not responded as well as he had hoped to his back injury. Stidham has replaced Seth Russell, so if Stidham is unable to play, Baylor is down to its 3rd string quarterback. Money pushed Okla State from pick to -1.


371 Michigan State/372 Ohio State- The public is on the dog with their college football picks here, but wiseguys are on the chalk. Ohio State. There is still some Ohio State -13.5 around, but -14 is showing up more and more.


377 Old Dominion/378 Southern Miss- Wiseguys have already played So Miss -20, now followers are laying -21 in a lot of spots. Southern Miss up to -21.5.


383 Nevada/384 Utah State- Sharp money for the favorite here, Utah State from -14 to -15 and -15.5.


397 UCLA/398 Utah- Late money showed on UCLA early this afternoon. First move took the +3, now all the way down to Utah -1.


399 Texas A&M/400 Vanderbilt- Sharp money for Vandy +7 or better. Not a huge move, A&M now -6.5.


407 Notre Dame/408 Boston College- Money for BC +16.5 and some at +16. Notre Dame now at -15.5.


409 USC/410 Oregon- It hasn’t moved everywhere yet, but public money and some sharp as well is building on Oregon -4. Now up to -4.5 in a lot of spots.

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