SBR Forum's NCAAF Bowl Contest

Monday, December 2, 2013 8:17 PM UTC

Monday, Dec. 2, 2013 8:17 PM UTC

What a better way to ring in the holiday season and new year as SBR introduces its NCAA Bowl Contest.

This isn’t just any contest; $5000.00 goes to the winner! The 2nd place finisher receives a hefty sum of 50,000 Betpoints and the 3rd place finisher receives 25,000 Betpoints. So what are you waiting for?

Rules and Requirements

This contest is open across the world and that means that United States adult citizens can participate along with other countries. The deadline to enter this contest is December 21 at 8:00 pm ET, so don’t delay on an opportunity to make a big chunk of change and an opportunity to compete against some of the best bettors in the world.

Entry Fee

There is a 2500 Betpoints entry fee but there’s a catch for those of you who are a bit short on points. Participants can pool their money together and form a team as a single entry, create a name for your team and respond in the forum thread listing your team name after the buy-in is paid in full. You may also be able to join multiple teams. (prizes will be split by percentages of points sent in by each team member of the winning squad.)

Internationals have the luxury of purchasing Betpoints via Skrill and can enter ASAP and grab a spot at the big prize.

The Betting Point System

An official thread will be posted in the SBR Forum on December 18th and there will be a list of betting lines for the SBR Bowl Contest. Unlike, these lines won’t change. Each player or team will be required to pick 15 games.

Quite similar to other big SBR contests such as Beat the Prick, the picks will be made according to denomination. Each participant will be allowed to make 5- 3 Star picks, 5 2- star picks, and 5 1-star picks. As we know in these contests, you have to nail those 3 star picks to be on the top of the leader board, so handicap with caution.


If a push occurs in any game, you’ll receive half the amount of stars that you invested on the pick.

Example: If Alabama is a 7 point favorite against their bowl game opponent and you invest 2 stars on Bama and they win by 7 points, then you’re credited with 1 star for that game.


In case there’s a tie between 2 participants, the tie breaker will be decided as follows- Tie-Breaker #1 : the entry with the most 3 star wins and Tie-Breaker #2 is the entry with the most 2 star victories. In case there’s still as tie remaining after the tie-breakers, the “pot will be split”.

Multiple Entries are allowed per person, therefore there’s a lot at stake here.

Good Luck to All Participants: This would certainly would be a great way to get in on the plus-side for the 2014 betting season!

SBR reserves the right to modify terms and or update prizing as necessary.

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