Ohio State vs. Alabama CFP National Championship Game: Best ATS Pick

Ohio State vs. Alabama CFP National Championship Game: Best ATS Pick
Punter Ty Perine #99, and Thomas Fletcher #45 of the Alabama Crimson Tide. Tom Pennington/Getty Images/AFP

As we enter the championship game, I have to admit this season was one of the strangest years we’ve ever had, but in the end 2 of the top 3 teams projected by the best sportsbooks before the season started have made it to the final game. As college football becomes more and more predictable many people are wondering: is this a good thing for the sport? That would be an entirely different article. None-the-less, we end up with chalk.

Ohio State Buckeyes vs. Alabama Crimson Tide

Monday, January 11, 2021 – 8 PM ET at Hard Rock Stadium

Ohio State being a sizeable dog against Clemson completely dominated them in the semi-final matchup. How did we get that so wrong? Is this the real Buckeye team and were they just sandbagging all season? Are they, in fact, far more well-rested than everyone else after only playing 6 games before the semifinal? What I think is what we saw in the Sugar Bowl was them playing at their absolute apex. The very height of their abilities. And after the game, they looked as if they had won the championship that night.

Alabama on the other hand, looked as if they had slept-walked through their matchup against the Irish. There was no hatred involved, no emotions, just playing another game to get to the next game. It was strange to watch. They were never in danger of actually losing the game, but also looked like they would be happier doing anything else that night. It didn’t even look as if it were a regular divisional game. They put more emotion into beating A&M or Arkansas than they did Notre Dame.

It makes me wonder, are they that laser-focused on getting to the championship that nothing else even matters to them? Have they reached the point where the game isn’t even enjoyable anymore? The face many coaches and players had that entire night looked exactly like my uncle Raymond at Christmas dinner. Everyone knows he doesn’t want to be there, but he shows up every year and because he knows when it’s over, he’s going to get a new box of golf balls and a box of stogies.

So, who do I like in this game? The Tide of course. I’m not 100% sure we’ve seen the peak of what they are able to reach this season so far. This is one of the most talented offenses I’ve ever seen. Looks an awful lot like LSU last season. Ohio State is a very good team with great talent, but they aren’t as good as Bama. They don’t have as many elite players as the Crimson Tide do.

So lay the points and take the Tide at the best betting sites. The SEC is just too dominate. When they have an all-time great team everyone else is playing for second.

2008 Florida Gators, 2010 Auburn Tigers, 2019 LSU Tigers, & 2020 Bama. Mark it down, they will be the next team we will be talking about long after the season is over.

NCAAF Pick: Alabama -7.5 (-110) with BetOnline (visit our BetOnline Review)

Alabama -7.5(-110)
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