Notable NFL & NCAAF Odds Movements: Tuesday Sept. 29th

Chris Andrews

Tuesday, September 29, 2015 8:57 PM UTC

Tuesday, Sep. 29, 2015 8:57 PM UTC

Major line moves in the NFL and College football from the past 24 hours. For the purpose of this article, I start looking at generally available betting lines as of Monday morning.

For those of you new to this column, I generally ignore the Sunday night ‘opening line.’ Those numbers can be so far off, that using them as a guide is often more misleading than informative. For the purpose of this article, I start looking at generally available betting lines as of Monday morning.


259 Giants/260 Buffalo- Some sharp money showed on the Giants, taking +6 and moving the line at some of the bigger sportsbooks. Some +6 is still available, but only sporadically. Bills primarily at -5.5 now.


261 Raiders/262 Bears- Oh, how times have changed. The Raiders opened -2.5 and have been bet up to -3. Public money is strongly on the Raiders and also some sharp money getting ahead of the move up. The Bears are coming off an absolutely putrid performance in Seattle and the Raiders suddenly look like they have an offense.


265 Chiefs/266 Bengals- The Bengals opened -4.5 but wiseguys quickly came in on the Chiefs, taking +4.5 and +4. Bengals are now -3.5 and it looks like the public will be firmly behind the favorite.


269 Packers/270 49ers- Packers opened anywhere between -7 (what could they be thinking?) and -9.5. It has settled in at -8.5. Of course the public will be on the Packers. We’ll have to see what number entices the wiseguys.


College Football
145 Western Kentucky/146 Rice- Some sharp money for Rice +8.5. WKU settling in at -7 or -7.5.


147 Kansas State/148 Oklahoma State- Some sharp money for the favorite. It had been pushed from -6.5 up as high as -9, then some value seekers took the higher number. It now has settled in at -8.


149 Houston/150 Tulsa- Wiseguys took Tulsa +6.5 and some followers took +6. Houston now at -5.5 and -6.


171 Texas Tech/172 Baylor- Sharp money has come in on Baylor. The move started at -14, followers laid worse and now it is up to Baylor -17. Now wiseguys coming in for anything serious on the dog as of yet.


175 Oregon/176 Colorado- Oregon was -10 yesterday morning when wiseguys started playing Colorado. Followers took less and now the move has stopped. Oregon hanging in there at -7.5 and some -8.


177 Washington State/178 California- Cal was -16 in most places yesterday morning until a steady attack pushed them up as high as -20. Some wiseguys saw value on Wash State +20, so now Cal has moved back to -19 and -19.5.


183 Louisiana/ 184 La Tech- Some sharp money for Louisiana +20, followers took less. La Tech now -18.


185 Vanderbilt/186 Middle Tennessee State- Sharp money on Vandy started showing at +3. Followers kept up the pace on the dog, now M Tenn at Pick or -1.


209 Texas San Antonio/210 UTEP- Wiseguys played UTSA -1, it climbed all the way to -4 in some spots before some action came back on UTEP. UTSA now -3.5.


213 New Mexico State/214 New Mexico- Money showed for New Mexico State +14. Followers took less. New Mexico now at -12.5.


215 UNLV/216 Nevada- I guess a 80-8 win is enough to impress some people. Wiseguys began taking UNLV + 8.5, then +7.5 the +7. Nevada now at -6.5.


217 Fresno State/218 San Diego State- Sharp money on Fresno +10, followers took lesser numbers. San Diego State now at -8.

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