Notable NFL & College Football Odds Movements: Tuesday, Oct. 6

Chris Andrews

Tuesday, October 6, 2015 6:04 PM UTC

Tuesday, Oct. 6, 2015 6:04 PM UTC

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453 Bills/454 Titans- Wiseguys took the Titans +3. Bills now -2.5.


457 Redskins/458 Falcons- Wiseguys took the Redskins +8, now -7 with juice on the favorite or -7.5.


459 Bears/460 Chiefs- Wiseguys on the Bears +10, Chiefs now -9 or -9.5.


463 Rams/464 Packers- Wiseguys on the Rams +10. Packers now -9.


465 Seahawks/466 Bengals- Bengals opened -2.5 with juice on the favorite or -3 with juice on the dog.


467 Cardinals/468 Lions- Cards opened -3 with juice on the dog.


469 Pats/470 Cowboys- Some sharp but mostly public money showed on the Pats -7 and even higher. Pats now mostly -9.


475 Steelers/476 Chargers- Some sharp money for the Steelers +3.5 or +3 with plus money. Chargers now -3 -120.


College Football
303 SMU/304 Houston- Sharp money for Houston, starting at -22 and now all the way up to -25.5.


307 Southern Mississippi/308 Marshall- Sharp money for Southern Miss +6.5 and +6. Marshall now at -5.


309 NC State/310 Virginia Tech- Wiseguys started taking NC State +3, then more money showed at lesser numbers. Game is now a pick.


313 Minnesota/314 Purdue- Sharp money on Minnesota -1, now all the way up to -3.


321 Duke/322 Army- Money, sharp and public, has shown for Duke, starting at -10, now all the way up to -12.


323 Tulane/324 Temple- Mostly public money pushed Temple from -15 to -16.


329 Wake Forest/330 BC- Some sharp but mostly public on Wake. BC goes from -9.5 to -7.5.


331 Miami O/332 Ohio- Sharp money on Miami +17, now down to Ohio -15.5.


333 Kent State/334 Toledo- Sharp money for Kent St +17, Toledo now -15.


337 Appalachian State/338 Georgia State- Sharp money on Ga State, starting at +20, but followers took less. App State now -15.5 or -16.

I’d be careful here.


339 Virginia/340 Pitt- Sharp money for Pitt, starting at -7.5, now all the way up to -10 or -10.5.


341 Central Michigan/342 Western Michigan- Sharp money for Western Mich-6.5 and some -7, now up to -7.5 in spots but still some -7 is still around.


345 Wyoming/346 Air Force- Sharp money has come in from the beginning at AF -18 and now up -24. Another game I would be careful with.


355 Baylor/356 Kansas- Money for Baylor, sharp and public, starting at -42 and now up to -44.


363 Middle Tenn State/364 Western Kentucky- Some money for Mid Tenn St +9.5  and now down to -8.


389 Florida/390 Missouri- Public and some sharp money on Florida, from -4.5 up to -6, and back to -5.5.


393 Oregon State/394 Arizona- Sharp money for Oregon St +10, now down to -8.5.


401 Michigan State/402 Rutgers- Sharp money for Rutgers, starting at +16.5, now down to -14 or -14.5. Wiseguys are figuring out Mich State is vastly overrated.


405 New Mexico/406 Nevada- Sharp money for New Mexico +6.5 and +6. Nevada now -5.


407 San Jose St/408 UNLV- Money for San Jose, starting at +1, now to SJS -2.5.


409 Utah State/410 Fresno State- Money, mostly public, for Utah State, starting at -10 and now up to -11.5 and -12.

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