Notable NFL & College Football Odds Movements: Thursday, Oct. 8

Chris Andrews

Thursday, October 8, 2015 5:29 PM UTC

Thursday, Oct. 8, 2015 5:29 PM UTC

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301 Colts/302 Texans- This game was put up at pick em yesterday, now up to -4.5 with Matt Hasselbeck starting. It jumped quickly once Hasselbeck was announced as the starter. I don’t usually question opening lines, but I thought at the time that line was nuts. Andrew Luck is obviously not right and will miss the game with a bad shoulder. Hasselbeck has his own problems being in the hospital with a severe virus. I’m involved in a small contest and I was asked to make a line for the game on Tuesday and I made it -5.5. Too many of today’s bookmakers just play follow the leader.


College Football
305 Washington/306 USC- A little bump on USC from -16.5 to -17.


379 California/380 Utah- Some sharp money along with public, showing on Utah. From -7 to -7.5


395 Syracuse/396 South Florida- Money for Syracuse, a lot from the public, moved So Fla from -2.5 to -1.5 and -2.


397 TCU/398 Kansas State- Wiseguys played TCU -9 this morning. Followers played -9.5 and -10. TCU now -10.5.


399 Iowa State/400 Texas Tech- Wiseguys took Iowa State +11.5 and +11. Tech now -10.5.


401 Michigan State/402 Rutgers- Sharp money for Rutgers +14. Mich State now -13.5. Rutgers best player, Lenote Carroo, returns from suspension this week.


409 Utah State/410 Fresno State- Sharp money for Fresno +12 and +11.5. Utah State now -11.

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