NFL & College Football Odds Movement Report for Oct. 15

Chris Andrews

Thursday, October 15, 2015 9:11 PM UTC

Thursday, Oct. 15, 2015 9:11 PM UTC

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103 Falcons/104 Saints- Tonight’s game is holding steady at Falcons -3.5. Very little movement at all. The public is on the Falcons, no surprise there, but nothing major from the wiseguys.


257 Texans/258 Jaguars- Another switch in favorites, back to the original price of the Jags -1.


263 Cardinals/264 Steelers- Some sharp money, along with a bunch from the public, for the Cards. Cards go from-3 to -3.5. Meanwhile reports out of Pittsburgh say Ben Roethlisberger threw in practice yesterday. He still is not expected to play.


273 Pats/274 Colts- Still lots of Pats money coming in. Pats up to -10 is spots with juice on the dog. Reports out of Indianapolis don’t sound all that encouraging on Andrew Luck. He might still play, but the shoulder is compromised to say the least.


275 Giants/276 Eagles- Money, much of it from the public, has come back on the Giants. Eagles were -4.5 yesterday, but that is pretty much gone now. Eagles are -4 flat just about everywhere. Sharp money pushed the Eagles up to -4.5 earlier in the week. We’ll see if it happens again.


College Football
105 Auburn/106 Kentucky- A little bit of a take on the dog +2. Auburn now -1 or -1.5.


109 UCLA/110 Stanford- Stanford up to -7, with still a few -6.5 around. It’s the public that has pushed it up to here. I’m hearing some sharp people like UCLA, but so far no major outfit has come in to the take the +7.  We’ll see.


159 Alabama/160 Texas A&M- Starting to see a little activity on the dog. Don’t surprised if there is a move on A&M coming soon. Just a hunch.


161 Florida/162 LSU- Strong move on Florida this morning. First wave took +9.5 and +9, followers kept taking. LSU now -7.5.


167 Oklahoma/168 Kansas State- Some sharp money is coming in on K State +4. It is still around, but a lot of Oklahoma -3.5 is showing up.


171 Va Tech/172 Miami- Strong move on Va Tech +6 from the wiseguys. Miami down to -4.5.


193 Arizona State/194 Utah- Sharp money showed for the dog. Utah now -6 or -6.5.

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