Daily Line Moves To Consider For Your NFL & College Football Picks

Tuesday, December 29, 2015 9:27 PM UTC

Tuesday, Dec. 29, 2015 9:27 PM UTC

In this preview article you will be able to find all the major line moves of the past few days in college football & NFL betting lines. Don't miss out the action with this betting analysis.

College Football Betting Lines
243 Baylor/244 North Carolina- With all the problems at Baylor, the line has shifted dramatically to North Carolina. This morning UNC had gone to -3.5 and even an occasional -4. Some strong opposition came back on Baylor however. North Carolina has gone back to -1.5 and -2. Sharp money was taking Baylor at the big prices but I’m not sure how many were just positioning themselves for a middle.


245 Nevada/246 Colorado State- Some money for Colorado State this morning took out all the Colo State -3. They are now up to -3.5 everywhere. Not a huge outfit moving it though or the line would have run a lot higher.


247 Texas Tech/248 LSU- There never was a lot of movement on this game. Even today, I see some sharp money for the dog, nothing that is making bookmakers move off the 7.


249 Memphis/250 Auburn- The public is still on Memphis, but the sharp money has moved Auburn from -2.5 to -3. There is some -3 with juice on the favorite as well.


251 NC State/252 Mississippi State- Lots of public money has accumulated on Miss State. They have slowly crept up to -6. Not one huge move, but nothing lower is readily available at this point. There is quite a bit of -6.5 around as well.


259 Michigan State/260 Alabama- Lots of opinions on this game, which you can imagine. The latest push is some sharp money for Alabama. Now mostly at -10, though you can still find -9.5 in spots.


261 Oklahoma/262 Clemson- virtually all the Clemson +4 is gone. Oklahoma now -3.5 everywhere. Like the above game, lots of opinions by people with money.


265 Florida/266 Michigan-  Michigan money has been accumulating. Michigan now up to -5 occasionally, but still as low as -4 in a few spots.


269 Iowa/270 Stanford- Sharp money has come in strongly on Iowa. Iowa +6.5 is virtually gone. Stanford -6 just about everywhere.


271 Mississippi State/Oklahoma State- Wiseguys were in early on Miss State, now the public has pushed them up to -7.5 from -7.


NFL Betting Lines
Lots of games off the board. I’ll keep you updated as the week goes on.

331 Seahawks/332 Cardinals- Cardinals opened -4, but have now climbed to -6.5 and -7. Cardinals looking for home field throughout the playoffs. Many sharp handicappers now feel the Cardinals are the NFL’s best team right now.

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